Communities Roll out and Blacklist Notifier

in #steem8 months ago (edited)

Communities_v1 (1).jpg

I just noticed communities have been rolled out and could not been happier more because at least some good news for Steem community about which we can be completely sure about

There are many new features introduced but the specific I am talking about is Blacklist Highlight on every account. I had to manually check the account history for being spam or use MarkyMarky's browser extension but its embedded now in condenser.


Stay more vigilant and SteemOn ;)


“feed” button seems to be gone.

My friends is now your feed


I don’t see it on mobile.

Yes, mobile version is still not showing all the features, it might need few tweaks.

New year new interface

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Neat develooments aside, a reputation of -16 is quite the achievement. Is there anyone less reputable?

Yup, hard to achieve that status, lol

Yes, I see it. If I will not read your post I will never find out ... ha ha ha

Glad to make you aware

Hi 🤚🏾 I see muted me the posts in questions was a honest mistake on steemit when I do price's I write myself then add some writing but any writing I add I always put > in front you can check my posts and see cheeter bot replied to one of the post's and I removed the writing that was not mine straight away I will never use any one else's writing again only my own but as I said it was a honest mistake as I use to always just put > in front of writing that was not mine