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Ever since @justinsunsteemit got on the scene, people have been a bit...edgy, to put it lightly. The shitstorm started with rumours about his plans to absorb or shall I say colonize Steem and make our precious coins worthless. Sun's silence didn't help matters too. It led to Witnesses shitting bricks and limited Steemit Inc. control of their stake and ninjamined playtoys. That's where we are, in case you missed what's been happening,

On the flip side of things and rather refreshing is the fact that the news spread fast because of Sun's gigantic hugeness and has led to a lot of new people jumping on the Steem train. Even those that had left came back to at least spy on proceedings.

Tron foundation is massively massive, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that a lot of people from various corners of the community have joined our platform. They interact, participate and shill the fuck out of TRX to anyone willing to listen. Here's the thing, I've been listening and this led me to construct a masterplan that may or may not bang.


The plan was motivated by my interaction with members of the @jtsofficial. In case you don't know them, they're a collection of Tronites? Tronixers? Tronixerians? Ugh...Tron Shills, let's go with that.

They're actually really nice guys, and they roped me in with their niceness to invest in TRX. It's a symbiotic shitcoin to shitcoin swap deal and here's how it's going to work;

The Master Plan

Well, you've made it this far, so I reckon you actually want to know my plan. Let me start by saying it is actually a plan that's going to foster the mutual growth of both platforms(Steem and Tron). Here are the steps;

Step 1: Sell Some Steem for TRX

This is the only hard part of the plan, and it involves letting go of some of your dear Steem. Before you get upset and close this page, I want you to know that you're going to get all your Steem back eventually, take a walk with me.

There's no direct route or swap between Steem and TRX, but if @justinsunsteemit and the other TRX shills are really interested in growing this union, I expect swapping to be possible in the near future. However, to swap mine, I used Binance and completed the swap deal in a few minutes, with a few exchange fees here and there.

  • Steem ==> Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin ==> TRX

Step 2: Stake TRX

Now that your shitcoin to shitcoin swap deal has been completed, you'll have to stake the TRX you got from the exchange. I use Tronwallet because it came highly recommended by members of the community I interacted with. However, you can go with whatever service that works for you. Here's a screenshot of my staked TRX

Needs a boost

I also learnt through interaction with the boys in the JTS Steemit room that staking your TRX tokens on people called Super Representatives, similar to what we call witnesses accrues profit. If you look at my wallet, you'll see the tiny bit of TRX in the "Available" section and that's what I've earned from staking. Which leads me to the final step of this master plan.

You can check to get an idea of how much you'll earn for Voting(staking) to a particular Super Representative.

Check out this post to learn how to vote for Super Representatives with Tronwallet

Step 3: Buy Steem with Profit

When you've earned a substantial amount of TRX from staking, you simply reverse the process depicted in Step 1.

  • TRX ==> Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin ==> Steem

Then send it back to your Steem account from your preferred exchange. Easy money.

Final words

This is the Cryptoverse, and you naturally have to do your own research before taking these steps. However, I think it is a pretty simple plan that keeps you perfectly placed to benefit from the potential union between Steem and Tron, and if you're like me that has been All in on Steem, you get to diversify your portfolio a little bit. It's a win-win.

FINAL final words

One last thing, I have a @splinterlands voucher code that can be used to claim a starter pack. The starter pack will generally cost $10, but with this code, you get in for free. There's no contest for the promo, I'll be giving it to the first person that indicates interest in it.

Thanks for stopping by and here are a few other posts you might ;

Here's my Tron address to support my war against poverty: TQJjvR95bxWQFAQup1TW8Hpyjiq1yFMriF

You can also find me on Twitter

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I already bought some Tron a couple of days ago with BTC without selling Steem. I guess I will stake them as you suggest. Why not! Maybe it'll help Steem Tron relations.

And I guess I could try splinterlands if u still have that starter pack code please @belemo

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Yeah, how I see it, we can just work together instead of fight. It's about furthering the cause of crypto, not only Steem.
Awesome. You're the lucky winner. 😁 Please can you contact me on discord? If I post it publicly, anybody could just take it before you get online.


Telegram: uncleskipper

I messaged you on Telegram. Thanks

I've sent it to you there.

The interesting part of the interaction is looking forward to a Steem-Tron exchange. That could be cool for cross chain investors.

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Yeah. Didi you read the post from steemitblog?

Nice post man 😀👍🏻


Thanks Dave

Never knew I could stake it because I only freezes TRX for energy and Bandwidth.😁 #TIL

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Oh yeah,you can stake it after you freeze it. With your TRX wallet, just look for a SR you like and vote for them. You receive residual income. That income can in turn be used to buy Steem and power up your Steem account.

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to my TRON Wallet A.S.A.P.

You're welcome 😁

I don't know enough about tron to say much and like you I am all in on steem.
It's a good plan though. Tron seems to be growing a nice eco system and has a few good users that have joined us. I was thinking about picking up a small bit myself so might go with this.

All the information I got was from interacting with people that joined Steem because of Justin Sun. It's a nice way to learn about other cryptocurrencies. I found out that there are other platforms that employ the same staking mechanism.

When I get enough information to share, I'll drop it here.

I gave you a 10% upvote. Don't mean to be nasty, but you are full of shit.

I'd like to hear your opinion Sir.

You already have it. These insiders would have us believe all of this was a surprise? Horse-shit.

Absolutely unbelievable. This is a SNAFU that was planned. Period. The more research I do? The more I know this to be a fact.

I have known these bastards long time. I know how they roll.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Well shit, if I'm wrong then I'll get a kick in the nuts and you can tell me "I told you so". If I'm right, well, I'm right.
I'm a Steem man like you and Steem has always been my priority. I joined up in December 2017 and have never gone a day without doing some Steem related action.
However, I'm poor and trying to earn in as many legitimate ways as possible. So selling some Steem I earned through many sleepless nights being bitten by mosquitoes, 5 hours a day electricity and countless other hurdles for a chance to be a part of some other opportunity is something I don't mind trying.

Follow the fucking money.

I'm just trying to get ahead Sarge. That's all I can do

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Prior to this Union, I had seen a couple of things about Tron but it was always so negative and usually just people bashing Justin Sun. I remember when Kobe died and he made a statement regarding how he met Kobe etc and people jumped on it.
I also remember when Corona virus started fucking shit up and Sun again talked about how he's supporting the situation with facemasks bought with TRX and that was also kicked in the nuts.
He's bought Steemit and hasn't actually done anything wrong but guess what, that's also been kicked in the nuts. However, I've gotten to interact with a bunch of Tronny people and they seem to believe in their project and I'm tapping into their enthusiasm. I'm "diversifying" my portfolio and that's all there is to it.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

More horseshit. I have my heavy boots on. Probably another Steemian in collusion.

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.