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RE: Dealing with the Steem leeches

in #steem11 months ago (edited)

These are actually minor problem just like you suggested. But that doesn’t mean they are not important. Numerous minor problems collectively makes a major problem.

What I personally deal with fairly regularly are non-standard abuse. Farming at a much larger scale, with multiple 200K SP accounts, shadow account self-voting, abuse related to witness proxy votes, large scale circle voting with 1.8M SP account..... so on and so forth. None of these are actionable by SFR or by SC or other conventional abuse fighting mechanisms. It is incredibly funny to me, that we have certain rules and boundaries when fighting abuse, while the abuser have no rules. It is like going to a fist fight with one arm tied behind your back.

Well I refuse to do that :)

My primary problem with the system is the general sense of entitlement....nothing gives us that right. Just because you wrote something.... took a picture.... wrote a song... you are not entitled to any reward. If the reward comes ... great... be thankful to the community. Community can give you the reward.... community can take it away as easily.... at least that is the way it should be.


Thanks for caring. I know there is a lot of sneaky abuse going on. It should be dealt with. The whales and orcas could cover most of it even if it meant some retaliation. The freedom of Steem does empower the trolls and some of them have a lot of SP. I'll just keep on doing what I can. I'd love to buy a mass of SP, but it's not viable for now.