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So it’s the eve of HF21?
Interesting times lay ahead I imagine.

I’ve enjoyed reading the predictions both for/against this fork. Whatever happens I’ll always just be a mere bystander of the event - I’ll either get mildly hit by debris, smashed to pieces or walk away completely unhurt.
Let’s see how it goes..

(The subject of this post isn’t swayed by HF21 either, but I guess it is a factor in some capacity.)

OK, so the bottom line of this is that I want to buy more STEEM.

My personal goal is 10k SP before my 2nd year celebrations in January - and at these prices it seems a good time to buy (obviously)

I need about 2100 STEEM extra to meet my 10k goal - so I want to invest from fiat as I don’t have any other crypto holdings.

Probably looking to spend about £350. An amount I’m happy to lose, if the worst case scenario happened.

However the problem I have is that:

A: Coinbase are making changes to UK deposit something-or-another, making it difficult for me to buy anything directly using my bank right now.

B: I’m stupidly overcareful with my fiat and don’t know what I’m doing with other ways of buying bitcoin/STEEM.

C: See point B.

Basically, I want an easy, stress free way to buy STEEM that doesn’t require loads of waiting about for verification on accounts and cards and stuff.

I just want to buy and be done with it. Fees or not.

So... where can I buy STEEM that’s secure and relatively straight forward?

Or am I asking for a magical unicorn thing that doesn’t exist? STEEM + Straight forward & easy = never.

I know @soyrosa wrote THIS about BITVAVO - which looks like a great all-in-one solution... however, the UK isn’t listed. Which is a shame.

So how do other UK steemians go from fiat to STEEM in a way that a massive idiot like me would understand?

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts, as ever. @ashtv

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I dont use Coinbase anymore after they did the dirty on me. I applied for a Wirex account (can do it online), you dont need the physical card to trade.

Link it to your UK bank account, and then you can have STEEM in less than 5 minutes.

Buy LiteCoin, then send the LTC to the Blocktrades using the wallet Steemit connection option.

You can even scan the code to save more time.

Don't buy BTC or Ether using Wirex unless you like fees of $2 - $4 for doing your transfer out. LTC is around 6c.

This is very helpful, thank you @slobberchops. I might be hitting you up on Discord with annoying questions, if I get stuck! Cheers mate

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No worries, it's easy to use.. just be careful.. like most other crypto projects when it goes wrong there's no support.

I think it was @steevc that mentioned Wirex - I must give it a try.

Is it an easy sign-up? What verifications etc are needed?

A step-by-step guide on this for UK steemians to buy more steem could be good 😊

This is a great idea!

If I find a good way I’ll happily make a video about it - a super easy how-to guide!

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Excellent - perhaps a joint AshChopsTV production...?

💯 This is a super valuable idea!

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Yes it's easy and you can buy before the physical card arrives, in fact you don't need the card at all. That's for withdrawals.

I had it all working same day, but some banks don't want to link the account. @goblinknackers has had problems with TSB, but I can vouch for Santander working well.

This is all super useful, thanks again @slobberchops!

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You have to submit various ID to get verified. I've not been using the card too much as I'm not spending crypto, but it does make it easy to buy Steem. Costs a quid each month to keep it active.

I will give it a go.

Did I see you had a referral link for this Steve?

It's on most of my posts. You only get paid once the new user buys a certain amount of crypto I think. Not had a referral reward yet :)

This is brilliant advice

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Maybe try @swapsteem. I haven't yet, but have been meaning to. They are waiting for HF21 to stabilize and then they will bring up the exchange, but I know they have fiat gateways.

Thanks @diggndeeper.com for the shoutout. Yep, our P2P STEEM gateway will be up and running soon!

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Great shout @diggndeeper! Thank you, I’ll give @swapsteem a curious follow for future updates.

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I haven't found an easy way to buy Steem in the UK apart from direct purchase from other Steemians.

Matt @starkerz what is your current recommended / easiest route to purchase STEEM in the UK?

Bitstamp USD to BTC, then send BTC to binance, BTC to STEEM

Hopefully we can nail down a much direct and simpler route soon.

Hopefully we can
Nail down a much direct and
Simpler route soon.

                 - pennsif

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Absolutely @pennsif; it’s going to be essential to get ordinary people to invest and be curious about crypto, and it needs to be as easy as buying anything online with PayPal

Cheers Matt 👍🏻

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Yeah direct buy from other steemians is something I’d be willing to do. @cryptocurator suggested someone a while back but I missed the boat on that particular sale.

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Coinbase also made changes which mean I cannot use it in the state i live now so I am kind of stuck in being able to buy any more steem at the moment

as for HF21 I am in wait and see mode to see what happens

Oh man, that’s annoying isn’t it?
Hope you find a trusted way to buy soon

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I’m sure I will find something

Not using coinbase quite long time, instead using wirex app and debit card for purchasing bitcoin.

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Cheers for the heads up!

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I find buying crypto from fiat to be incredibly confusing as well. It used to be that you could buy easily from a credit card. That option all but vanished a while back as least for me. I haven't bought crypto since. Wire transfers and all that nonsense are just way to much a hassle. Sorry this isnt helpful - all I'm saying is you arent alone in the struggle. Hopefully you figure it out though. Good luck!

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Cheers @leaky20! I’m glad I’m not the only feel. I feel a bit thick sometimes with these things, especially when money is at stake.. can’t afford anything to go wrong with misunderstandings!

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Ace, cheers

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If you trust us one of the UK Steemians could buy you Steem via Wirex or something. I sold Steem to people before on a personal basis.

I’d absolutely trust a UK steemians to do something like that. I just wasn’t sure who to ask or if it was an uncool move on my part.

But maybe I can ask those I know on Discord to help me out.
I’m a trustworthy fellow :)

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This is where it is worth building an online reputation you don't want to harm. I will do one-off Steem purchases for certain people, but I'm not going to offer this as a general service.

‘Course not, I get that

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