Some thoughts and wishes for Steempeak and other frontends

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First of all, please get rid of google, please. They have eyes enough in the centralized world, let me rest in peace here. :)


Tracking, doe

Instead of Google, you could start to use Nfogix. It's an encrypted tracker, and you are truly the only one with access.

Suggestion: Give users the option to add their own tracking code on-top. PLEASE :)

Ads, nononono

Let's be honest - Google Ads are awful, and I doubt they make Steempeak enough money. Ever.

Suggestion: Sponsorships Widget.

See how ReadCash does it.

Basically there is a Sponsorship widget under every post, and sponsors can apply to get their banner&link added.


  • 10%(5% with ref) Steempeak
  • 5% Referral
  • 90% User

That way we all have an incentive, and sponsors have the potential to be seen on a lot of posts. Also, with tracking stats it's easier to approach potential investors.


Copy ReadCash, they have the absolute right idea about how to do this.


On sign-up 5% beneficiary set to the affiliate. Bonus add it as metadata, so other frontends can follow suit.

Here's the kicker though: User can pay their way out of the 5% share.

  • 5% > 4% price: 1 STEEM (10% to Steempeak, 90% Affiliate)
  • 4% > 3% price: 10 STEEM (10% to Steempeak, 90% Affiliate)
  • 3% > 2% price: 100 STEEM (10% to Steempeak, 90% Affiliate)
  • 2% > 1% price: 1000 STEEM (10% to Steempeak, 90% Affiliate)
  • 1% > 0% price: 1000 STEEM (10% to Steempeak, 90% Affiliate)

Just as an idea. This way Steempeak (or any other frontend, looking at you @esteemapp ) has an incentive, and this would end up as a win-win for every party.

Not Sure If

Possible, but let me "stake" my account creation credits. Anyone that signs-up using them (via a queue system) should be assigned as the sponsors referral (if there was none set).
I would also like to have the option to "gift" the account to people signing up under my referral link...

Anyways, those are just ideas and suggestions, I hope Steempeak and other frontends can get some inspiration from it :)

/cc @steempeak @esteemapp @dlike


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Thanks, but please read the post too 🙏

We do read most of the mentions, and comments are just an easy way to acknowledge, find posts later. As for google, we have our own search engine and stand-alone desktop app and mobile app. Websites unfortunately cannot escape google's reach but apps can...

And the other ideas...? 😉


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Thank you 😊


/cc @asgarth :)

Thanks for the mention :D ...I'll do my best to give some opinions but don't take them as official @steempeak answers as I have not discussed them with the team.


I think Nfogix is a nice proof of concept, but absolutely not as good as google analytics. Sorry, it just isn't there yet


No plan to add ads anytime soon on steempeak. Post promotion is working well also if not used as much as I would like.
But I like the sponsor idea. Not sure if we'll be able to consider this soon.


This is something on the roadmap. Will be available in one of the next release but the way it works will probably be different. Not sure the new account must pay to remove (or reduce) the referrals percentage, probably it's easier to just keep the beneficiary for the first month or something like that.

Not Sure If

Not possible right now. I would like to have something like this too :(

Good to know, thanks for the input :)


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