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RE: STEEM BURNPOST Initiative in Solidarity with Steemit's Reduction in Stake Selling

in #steemlast year

Steemit, @steempeak @esteemapp could introduce badges, like 5% to DAO adds a donators badge to the post etc


Try to open this post on and check the icon next to the payout ;)

Full details here:

Yeah, just realized, that's super cool! Should be standard for all apps

Keep in mind that we set to threshold to display the new icon at 50% ;)

Is the burnrate relevant to both author and curator rewards? or only author rewards?

Only the author rewards would go to NULL if i'm not mistaken

Only the author
Rewards would go to NULL if
I'm not mistaken

                 - jarvie

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Yup. Curation rewards are the same. This is also the case for any posts with benefactor rewards made through apps.

That's awesome, I have switched to now.


Yip yip sounds nice that is also a @steemitboard thing

There's a few dozen much simpler thing they could have done.