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RE: My initial reaction to the news... Let's make the Steem / Tron Alliance Prosper!

in #steem10 months ago

I tweeted positive about #tron today and I share your sentiments 100000%!! LOL - we should collaborate or something, no? You are so right that it is OUR RESPONSE that will create prosperity (or not).

My burning question: where do the tron peeps hang out? If I wanted to bring the welcome casserole dinner, where would I take it? Apart from the #tron hashtag on twitter, I have no idea where to start on being hospitable.

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thats a GREAT start.. tag TROn on twitter with some cool posts and invitations! l_)

I made some new Tron friends who now follow me on twitter and delegated 50 steem to one of the tron accounts just started on steem.... @jtsofficial ....welcome steem casserole to give them some juice to play with. I'm following a guy who's going to write a post about Tron for steemians. All very cool. Felt nice to go to sleep with a more open sense about it all.