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RE: SBD Potato: Peg Repair Community Initiative

in #steemlast year

You get my support on this one.
Updated my trailing bot for full support next time!

Once a week the liquid STEEM rewards in the @sbdpotato account will be used to purchase SBD ...

Why doing it once a week and not daily, as you plan to generate daily posts? Wouldn't it put less pressure on the STEEM price by converting smaller amounts?


Thanks for your support. I’m doing it manually for now so weekly means less double handling of the same task. Amounts are low now as the project is getting started, Steemit and whales sell heaps of steem every month and Steem price remains relatively rangebound. When the project gains traction I can enlist a dev to code up a market bot to sell steem for sbd and initiate conversions daily. Maybe someone will offer to do this to help the cause.