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RE: Changing the witness voting system by introducing witness downvotes? Could this work?

in #steem9 months ago

Well, the same as everything else, humanity. :D


I don't know enough about the voting system to feel that my opinion really matters here, but how you write it down here, it sounds as if that could work. But then again, I don't know enough about the whole system. It took me quite some time before I even cast a vote on my main account, let alone my alts. I never really thought my vote mattered. Now I see, community coming together and every vote counts.

Curious to see what others think about this though, so gonna follow this one ;)


Simpler is better, less votes, more simple!

Thanks for your feedback.

It sounds like it could work, and less votes probably also means that more people cast them (I think)... Let's see how others think about it.