Wale Alert added Steem. :-)

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Good News for us. The Twitter Account Wale Alert
(There you can see big BTC Transaktions)
added Steem to his Watchlist. Here the Link:
Follow Wale Alert on Twitter!!!


wale alertsteem.png

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This is really cool!

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Yes. :-) I like the Likes.

Would be cooler if whale alert was also on steem

Than get him/they. ;-) Wrote a Message and tell us the final answer. :-)

Ich schreib die Mal an auf Twitter, bezweifle aber, dass das etwas bringt.

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Have no Facebook Twitter or else

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Good Guy. :-)

Ich schreib dann auch mal später noch. Mal sehen was passiert. Wenn wir nicht dran glauben, das es was bringt, bringt es auch nichts. :-)