Posting + Hodling = $$$

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My last post to payout made $27 total. That means that $13.5 is coming my way. at $0.14 cent steem I'm getting 96 steem. If steem goes back up to $1, my $13.5 share today is worth ~$100.

There's a bitcoin halving in May. I expect bitcoin prices to reach all time highs because of it. I think all the alts will find another nice run because of it. Is that a guarantee? No, but I'm willing to be patient a few months to find out.

So, here's my suggestion. Instead of selling right away when your post pays out consider hodling. Even if your post is only earning a few bucks now if you can be patient your post today is worth $20 in the future IF my bull run logic holds up.

If your post earns $6 total. You'll get $3. $3 of $0.14 steem is 21 Steem. If you hodl to $1/steem then your $3 posts now are getting you $20! HODL!

Not financial advice. Also, not a promise. It's just my mentality and journey. Hopefully it resonates for some.

This post is a little more shit posty than I'd like so I'm adding null as a 40% bene.


Are curators affected by the beneficiary payout?

Ha. I keep holding in spite of the desire to not hold. I am pretty good at delayed gratification and have held on to some things way longer than STEEM and ridden them into the ground.

Think I'm here for the long game. Even if it's a loss (on paper it is right now).

Not a shit post in my opinion. It's nice to see every once in a while. Also nice that you are willing to feel the burn so to speak :-0

Yeb, that helps definitely for the mentality~! :)

곰돌이가 @jayplayco님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.033을 보팅해서 $0.009을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6843번 $81.714을 보팅해서 $90.601을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

곰돌이가 @gomdory님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.018을 보팅해서 $0.024을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6875번 $82.436을 보팅해서 $91.223을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Thank you for your impression

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That's the thought I hold on to and hodl
Just keep swimming :D

yeah steem is so cheap i feel its like so much upside to buy delegation and even steempower and im in talks with @challengedac to get 100,000 Sp so i can upvote CHL NDX and SAND related posts on steem at least $1 x 10 a day, for a month, for around $300 so yeah great deal for promotion when you already have a budget to spend :) steem makes marketing fun (correct me if my math is wrong but thats what dlease gave me, im hoping to get that much sp, maybe we will just buy some :D )

maybe ill get @jongolson and @clicktrackprofit to help me create a style shared spreadsheet on his site with steemengine, to manage workflow, and assign work to workers, pay them like by @heimindanger

I truly feel like anyone who is selling at these prices is downright silly...

As a regular buyer, I disagree. It's wonderful to gobble it up all cheaply.

True dat. it's helped me reach Orca status so I can't complain...but silly!!!

Great post!

Agreed! Simple and clear. He had me with the graphic.

May! That sounds good. I have never sold any Steem, but sure would like to see the price go up!

Me my post is always cent 0.014 dollar's

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Sounds good when you put it like that

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yeah, it would be really nice if the price goes up, but then again a few days ago the price of steem was 0.30$+, and now its almost below 0.10$, so there is always a little fear, specially for minnows like me. what if the price goes down even more? some of us are selling some and hodling some, just so we are in the middle.....

Wait? Has it really gone up to $0.30+ few days ago? I thought I'm keeping tabs on the price...

uhmmm... no. thats not what i meant. when the price was dropping, it stayed stable at 0.30$ for a while. at that time there were a lots of post like this where they were saying we should hodl instead of selling. but the price went down as you can see.... if we sold back then we could buy three times more now....

Makes sense...

LOL not a shit post but actually a nice way to think of our earnings now.

Also, if you power up your STEEM you get interest every day.
So, you will have even more STEEM when $1/STEEM.

And your voting will payout more too... but i can't work out how much that is.

Hodl is how I roll!!

I don't know why anybody would sell at these prices. Now is the time to hold and grow for further down the line. All those people who sold of large shares over the past year should live to regret ti at some stage.

I would definitely not sell Steem, certainly not now. It is valuable even though it has a low price. It is valuable in its use and purpose.

I agree this is the time to grow sp in anyway you can. The redfish and minnows I work with and help here, can only dream of the numbers that come to you so easily. So unfortunately, many hve left or are running for the door now.

We lost an important minnow-booster yesterday, @aggroed and this is my post about that.

Whale Tip! Only YOU Can Save NewSTEEM

This was a blow to STEEM and to many little fish. My post is an effort to find anyone with sizable accounts to help down below.

This post also references SPUD 7 happening tomorrow where many redfish and minnows will power up. Your support there would be very encouraging to so many small blogs.

If 🤣

If bitcoin goes to 100k... 🙏

I'm firmly convinced that btc will start few months earlier, therefore I'm expecting to see btc around 15k untill the end of 2019.

Maybe I'm being to optimistic but btc marched from 4k up to 14k in matter of week haaha, time will tell

@aggroed, In my opinion, in Cryptocurrency Space many reaped effective returns with Patience. Thank you so much for your calculations and opinion. Stay blessed.

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I don't know why but I don't get the half of my post payout... I get around third of it (and divided by another half between SP and STEEM.) I don't know if I'm wrong about something.

Since the last Hardfork 50% of post rewards go to curators. Its a good time for readers as well as writers.

Absolutely right!

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You're using dollar signs are you really meaning to use dollar signs? Did you do the math do figure out a dollar amount or are you just using the STU and presenting it as a dollar amount?


I'm willing to be patient a few months to find out

That's kind of a lovely sentiment... i like it.
I also feel very similar to how you feel on posts it's a nice mentality to have for this journey.

Also as a note 50% to null or steem.dao make the post have a BURN icon and almost all posts that i've seen with a burn icon don't get downvotes.

Does that mean paying or losing what little I earn, for not having to receive negative votes awarded to me without any reason?

No thanks. It was what I needed ... Having to pay to protect myself from idiotic people ... I mean.

Not only is less and less community generated and people spend less and less time on Steemit, more and more people with only "power" are seen only. If not those who suffer from enduring here, we have to protect ourselves. I find it very heavy for my work..

Sorry, for me english..

At this price point it be silly not to hold. There is a heck a lot more potential for it going up in the next year and only so little left to go down.

When it does go up I have plans to do what I did the last time I sold a little during high prices. Invest it back in on my ability to create content and help cover some of my costs. Ultimately a strong Steem price in the future will help speed up my growth from investing a lot of time and a little money in and change it into spend a lot more money and getting to spend a little less time.

Insane Steem prices would enable me to hire some part time help to start managing stuff I rather not to further increase my growth. So I could mainly focuses on what I want and let people who have a better understanding of stuff I don't do their thing.

That is what I hope a strong future Steem price will do for many and the platform.

be great to see Steem get to those highs again. Wasn't it at $8 dollars at one time. I do my maths based on that.

I wasn't aware there were even people who cashed out their steem.
I've been powering up 100% since day 1.
almost acts like a super-safe savings account in a way, especially with the disincentive to power down.

looking forward to $1 steem though, and can't promise i won't sell some of it then. ;)

great post, @aggroed

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