Minnow Mayor Town Hall - Softfork 0.22.2 discussion

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Every week I host a show called the Minnow Mayor Town Hall. It's an open forum for discussion for the entire community. The announcement of softfork 0.22.2 was at 5pm eastern and my show happens to fall at 6pm. As a result of the timing this show was quickly populated by people who wanted to talk about the Softfork.

There are a lot of passionate people looking to ensure the growth the Steem. This was a very difficult conversation from the perspective of having so many people who strongly believe in Steem and want what's best, and what that looks like is different. Many thought softfork 0.22.2 was critical. Others found it repugnant. The members of the community did an exceptional job talking through this without resorting to personal attacks. I couldn't have been more proud. I'm glad to call this chain home. I'm grateful for to the community for respectfully sharing. I'll try to keep the dialog open as best as I can.


soft fork 0.22.2




berniesanders aka nextgencrypto







Justin's response


I posted this video using dtube, but it's not showing in my feed despite getting votes. Not entirely sure what's happening. Because I think it's critical that the public can hear this discussion I'm reposting and setting beneficiaries to @steem.dao to 90%.


I'm just watching this 2.5 hours video and it's very interesting.
I would have loved to be live on the show but I could not.

Many different ideas and opinions came up. All appreciated. The pros and cons discussed very well.

Well done - I hope the meeting with Justin at the beginning of March will be as productive as this one!


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Thank you for posting that, I'll be listening to this for the coming hours. It's by far the most interesting event in a very long time on Steem and will certainly impact how DPOS consensus in general will be viewed.

At first sight, it seems like the decision making process worked pretty amazing and elegantly.


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