Find your team, make a game or product, don't wait

When I grew up I'd go to the Jersey Shore and ride waves. To ride a wave you look for it, pick the right one, start paddling before it gets to you, and kick like hell to help catch it.

I think that's a pretty good analogy to catching waves in crypto.

Looking for the wave

Can you see a wave approaching? Can you see anything in the relatively near term horizon that might bring attention and money into the crypto space? Anything in May perhaps?

Pick the right one

If there's a wave that's coming it's not the only one. Does this wave look more promising to you than whatever else is going on?

Start Paddling Now

This is what I'm urging. Don't wait until the wave is already started and past you. Get in front of it if you really want to catch it.

Kick like hell

Use whatever momentum you can get with your alpha to propel your product forward.

What will you need

The four key responsibilities for a web app are artist, designer, dev, and promoter

Artist makes(animates) all the game components.
Designer makes the application easy to use.
Dev manages the backend and links up the front end.
Promoter gets people talking about and using the product.

Get a team. Start today.

It's already working

Having this stuff work on steem-engine is already shown to be functional. Steem City and Holy Bread are doing a nice job of showing off good blockchain indy games interfacing with the financial platform.

Yes, you could come in when more people are making stuff, but I imagine ENG will be higher, Steem (RCs) will be higher, competition will be higher.

Find out more about those games by joining the Steem Engine Discord Server

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Care to give me a link to Steem City, can't find anything about it and the discord link doesn't work for me.
Thanks Agsies and great Interview with @coruscate!

SteemCity is underground game yet.



We have a team here in Davao City, Philippines @aggroed.

Once we have an MVP we'll announce it :)

You have my curiosity. Feel free to ping me if you need promo/marketing.

  • Email me at

I already talked to @nathansenn and he agreed to do interviews on Steem shows via @threespeak.

You can be the first one 😊🖐️

SteemQuest just added, 2 new games and NFT’s this week.
Always looking for people to join our team.

The only game we should concentrate, as for now - is getting out of the control of monetary elites. Then come the leasure! But on the other hand, yeah - anything that gets people onboarded must be applied

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment