Steemit competition with weku Plathform

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Good night friend Steemit
Meet again with a fan of steemit from Aceh
Now on this occasion I want to share interesting posts for you to follow because in my post this time there must be many benefits for you all.
Weku is the toughest steemit rival for the future, that's my prediction.
Making posts on weku must be based on techniques and stability in thinking how to compose good words, precise, easy to understand so that it attracts other users when they see your post who knows that it is an inspiration for other users to continue to fight with weku especially the weku community Indonesia.
Super appreciation should be given to users who want to fight while in the development of their applications, although there is no result for them, but the enthusiasm to advance the community of frost is very great for those who want to see the frost fly high above other platforms such as steemite and other platforms.
To advance weku many weku communities from Indonesia that promote wethat platforms either on social media or directly show weky applications to others to attract their interest so that they immediately become part of the weku community.
download (1).png
Aceh is the biggest and most users of weku from regions or other places. Even now, most of the weku users come from Aceh, Indonesia. The community of weku in Aceh is divided into several communities, some of which call their community as bireun weku community - originating from the district of Bireun, some call themselves the north aceh weku community - who came from the north aceh district including myself myself a freak admirer from the north aceh community.
Don't give up before losing, that's a suitable proverb for weku users not to give up posting even though there are no advantages for that user.
That's all from me @adimantong
Peace to all communities wherever you come from.


lol how can you compare sea to spring ? weku is nothing and anyone can build website like weku. It's steemit clone that made by steemit code.

Hey, are you and your multiple accounts trying to cheat on the competition on @sportstalk under my @leedsunited account ? I saw entries, all different from 6 accounts, all placed within a few minuted and all have links to this account? Reply please.