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RE: Steem is in trouble. Here's how to help.

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I did this yesterday. I believe we can get at least Yab to spot 20 by today, maybe even spot 19, and blocktrades on 20.


The gap is closing fast - but I'm not sure Sun is going to accept it, he really seems to want to fuck us over.

Hey Rosa, I am about to write a similar call to action but I would like to include a trustworthy proxy for those who don´t want to vote manually. Is there any you would recommend? If so, could you share the link here please?

They can pick anyone who they think will do research on witness votes and not just vote friends or do vote-trading. I would therefore pick someone who isn't a witness themselves (as there might be witness politics involved in their vote behaviour) but who is active and informed. If they just want to proxy for the current situation they might as well pick you or me and undo the proxy voting once the chain is back in our hands. I for one will make sure my votes are given to the first 30 active witnesses who have their nodes online.

Yes, exactly my thoughts but I don´t know how to set myself as proxy. Would you mind setting yours and linking it here? Or just linking any other person´s who votes for full 30 witnesses picked from our old witnesses.

I don´t know how to set myself as proxy.

You don't have to. It's up to a Steemian to just vote on you and you are being proxied :D

Anyone can type any name in this field to proxy that person's witness votes:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 14.08.07.png

Field can be found on this page:

You can also set your proxy on KeyChain:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 14.09.44.png

Hope this helps :-)

Ahhh, thanks! Now I look stupid :D Whatever... I have always sucked at techy stuff :D

I will never call anyone stupid :D Asking questions is always the smart thing to do :D

That´s right :) Plus I think I have never voted my witnesses from the wallet before so I didn´t know there was such feature at all...