Whats up with the Scot Trib sites ?

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Seems whatever scot tribe site I look, the newest of posts is currently thee hours old. Also claiming rewards doesn't seem to currently work, neither on the tribe sites themselves nor on steem-engine.


It has happened some time ago. Now its alright..

I am also seeing the same thing!
Just look at the following screenshot-

Please refrain from using the creative coin tag in your posts unless they are actually post pertaining to the creative arts. Doing so can lead to being flagged by @notcreative and a removal of pending CCC rewards.

That happens from time to time. I'm not sure why. Everything still works though. If you vote, it won't show up but it will register. Eventually everything will catch up. Seems to be fine now.

Dear @pibara

I curious what's your experience with tribes so far? Do you believe in PAL, LEO or any other one?

I also have some question about SMT. Perhaps you could helo me out a bit.
I've been wondering how SMT tokens will be "connected" to price of STEEM. any idea? I mean: how will SMT impact STEEM economy? How can demand for SMT tokens increase demand and price of STEEM?

I'm failing to understand that. Perhaps you have some rough idea?


I am rather pessimistic about HF21, and I think HF21 is going to drive a lot of red fish, minnows (including me, most likely) and low-end dolphins (and their stake) towards Scot tribes that have a friendlier reward curve and author/curator split. And if HF21 drives many active users and community towards Scot tokens, I am afraid SMTs are going to end up being too little too late. That is, HF21 is likely to make HF22 futile.

Currently, STEEM (and the Scot tokens) have an economy build on the coins being a huge inflationary money printing machine, and no matter what, history has shown us repeatedly that you can't inflate your currency into making your economy flourish. At least not for an extended period, and its clear that for crypto the clock ticks faster than for currencies backed by military or economic super powers.

In the end though, any printed coin in the STEEM eco system is bound to hurt the STEEM price because it creates additional 2md level inflation to the ecosystem as a whole. What STEEM needs to grow are three things:

  • Growth of the economy (top content creators, more types of economic activity, etc)
  • Useful ways to burn STEEM/SBD/tokens
  • Being less of an economical island.

A token that successfully does all three of these might IMHO outperform its own intrincic contribution to ecosystem inflation and contribute to the value of STEEM. a token that doesn't do any of these things, will only contribute inflation to STEEM and decrease its value.

Hope I'm making sense to you as I know I am not making sense to Steemit Inc or any of the top witnesses.

Hi @pibara

Hope I'm making sense to you as I know I am not making sense to Steemit Inc or any of the top witnesses.

You're making so much sense.

Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it a lot.

And perhaps you could also visit my latest post and share your own view on discussed topic. I would love to hear your opinion.