Mining On SCOT - WEEDing In The Steem-Engine Garden

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This is great and it feels good!

In addition to WEED, I got a nice Steem payout for my previous post via a Curie vote. I decided to trade the 7 odd SBD for some Weed Miner Tokens.

If you're not sure what Miner Tokens are, have a look at these posts:
@coffeebuds' post: WEED Miners Now Available!
@choosefreedom's post: I Purchased My First Weedcash Miner Today

I got around 18 liquid Steem for my SBD and deposited this in my Steem-Engine account.

I checked out the prices and they were as follows:
Single Miner (WeedM Token) = 4.20 Steem
Quadruple 'Mega' Miner (WeedMM Token) = 16.8 Steem.

Only a handful of WeedMM Tokens have been traded so far, all at the asking price of 16.8 Steem.

Perhaps two handfulls of WeedM Tokens have been traded so far, all at the asking price of 4.2 Steem.

I had enough to buy just over 4.20 WeedM Tokens. In fact I bought 4.242420 WeedM Tokens to be precise :D.


Up in the air as to how it'll play out but I am glad to be on board with this!

Also, if you haven't heard, is an excellent 'overview' tool.

Thanks for reading 🔆


Thank you for this post bro. I wasn't aware WEED had mining tokens. This was the first post I saw upon waking today, and the intuition to pick up some mining tokens after reading was overbearing, but in a good way. So I went ahead and traded some Steem for WEEDMM 🔆

High Fiving your five MegaMiners my friend 👊

Fist bump! 🤜🤛 Fuck yeah dude! hahaha. 😅
And they defo work. Got my first mined tokens already, the one's unstaked in this screenshot.
That's not bad, can't wait to see the average for a 24 hour period :)

Great to see that voting comments in either of the palnet or weedcash interfaces will give a vote in both places if you hold both tokens. I didn't fully realise this. Excellent integration!

Really great, the integration with comments, for sure.
I was thinking about getting some PAL miners too, but idk.. Someone told me it's like a 10 year ROI lmao.

Great, would love to see how that goes, kindly keep us updated


I also tried a little experiment and upvoted your comment on palnet.......delighted to see that the vote value appears in WEED tokens too even though I didn't vote in on WCN interface :)

One size fits all lol...exciting

@krunkypuram, I've also invested in WEED MINERS and looking forward to see how it will going to perform for me. Good wishes from my side and hope that it will give back beneficial results to you. Stay blessed.

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👍 🌟


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