The Native Steem Engine Token [ENG] Stats

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The ENG token is the native token of the Steem Engine platform. ENG is required to create a new token on the Steem Engine platform, to add more features to the token/tribes, to make some changes on the settings of the token etc. Also, there was a rule that the tribes will need to stake 1 ENG per user. Not sure is this still valid.


Data will be presented for the period between 10/01/2019 till 11/24/2019.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Daily mined tokens,
  • Top Miners
  • Daily Staked Tokens
  • Top Stakers
  • Burning
  • Top Holders
  • Price Chart

ENG Mining

The ENG token is not a standard tribe token. It has a bit of different mechanics than the tribes tokens that can be earned trough posting, curating and mining. The ENG token can be earned with mining and in the future for running a steem-engine node. At least this is to my knowledge. There is no issue command found for ENG in the smart contracts json, that is usually used for tribe tokens.

Having said the above at the moment the only way to make an ENG token to my knowledge is mining. Off course you can always buy some from the market as well 😊.

Below is a chart that represents the daily mined ENG tokens.


On average there is 274 ENG tokens mined daily. In the period above there is a total of 15,058 ENG tokens mined. On average 8.5k tokens per month.

Top ENG Miners for the period

Now that we saw how the numbers on the tokens mined let’s see how those are being distributed. How much do the top miners received and how much the rest? How many accounts mined ENG tokens?

Here is the chart of the Top ENG miners in the period.


Out of the 15,058 mined tokens in the period, the top 10 earned 12,664 or 84% share of the mining pool.
This is quite centralized distribution of the mining pool.
On the other hand, there is not as much ENG miners out there. A total of 91 users have received a mining reward in the period. Out of those 91, the top miners owns the majority of the mining tokens.

On the top is the @kopasi account with 4.6k tokens mined, next is the @chairmanlee account and @sct account.

Staked Tokens

One of the use cases for the ENG token is staking. The rule was/is that every tribe should have 1 ENG staked per user.
Here is the chart of the staked tokens in the period.


A total of 9548 ENG tokens were staked in the period

The tokens above are not net tokens, meaning it’s not a difference between staked and unstaked but only tokens that were staked.

Apparently staking ENG is not as popular 😊.
There are just a few days with more than 1000 ENG staked. Otherwise it is almost not existent. Actually I’ve seen that some of tribes unstaking as well.

Maybe some rethinking and guidance is needed for the ENG staking.

Top ENG Stakers in the period

Who is doing the staking? Here is the chart of the Top ENG stakers (not sure about this word 😊) in the period analyzed.


A total of 68 users staked ENG in the period
@organduo did a lot of staking, more than 3k ENG, than is @dblogger account with more than 2K staked and @contrabourdon with 1451 ENG staked in the period.

Burning ENG

Burning tokens is an important metric as in a way it is a anti inflationary measure and it shows the use cases for the token or sinks.
I don’t know all the ways for burning ENG, but a few of them is making some adjustments at the token economics.
There is not a lot of burns in the period, actually a total of 11 transaction to null were made.
Here they are.


A total of 1100 ENG tokens burnt in the period.

Top Holders

Here are the top 20 ENG holders:


The top account @steemsc holds a significant amount of around 1.5M tokens, than comes @harpagon with around 900k tokens and @smalp with 550k tokens.

ENG Price

Here is the price chart with daily candles. A bit lighter for better visibility.


ENG was having sort of sell wall at 1 STEEM and it represented its high price. At time there are some dumps and the price sinks and recovers. In the last period ENG is trading below 1 STEEM.

All the best


Sweet post @dalz and good to see how much I mined with my EMFOURs. I think when NFT's are unleashed, it should increase demand. Mega bear bite right now isn't helping traffic or demand. I am confident in the team for the long haul. Look at their other project for insight : Splinterlands.

Thanks @interpidsurfer!
Steem Engine v.2 is on the way so will see how it goes. Also running nodes should be more fun and make it more reliable and decentralized.

NFT as much as I understand should allow everything to be tokenized ... so to speak :)

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