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Steem Engine has become a lot of fun. It’s a small platform with low daily volumes but it offers a lot of possibilities for the average Steemian. One more thing to do on Steem. Go trade some tribe tokens. You can exchange your DEC there as well.


Here we will be looking into the daily transactions, deposits and withdrawals on the Steem Engine exchange.

Steem Engine uses the @steem-peg account as a gateway for STEEMP. When you deposit STEEM it gets transferred to the @steem-peg account, and then it gets converted into STEEMP showing on your Steem Engine wallet.

When you withdraw STEEMP you get STEEM from the @steem-peg account.
Having this in mind I have collected all the transfers from and to the @steem-peg account.

The data will be presented for the period between 03/05/2019 to 11/25/2019.

Steem Engine started operating in March 2019 and the data here is from its beginnings.

Deposits to Steem Engine

Below is a chart that represents the Steem deposits on Steem Engine.


From the daily chart we can notice that there quite a lot of spikes when there is a large amount of Steem deposited. On those days there is more than 200k STEEM deposited and they are cut off from the chart for better visibility.

On average there is 21k deposited daily in this period, and a total od 5.7M STEEM deposited.
The maximum amount of daily STEEM deposited happened on 10.09.2019 with 239,331 of STEEM.

Here is the chart in monthly deposits.


We can notice that the deposits took off in June, probably when tribes were launched and then slow down in the next months. Also, there were few large deposits and withdrawals in June and July that made these months a bit higher than usual. November is not over yet.

Users that deposited the most on Steem Engine

Here are the users that deposited the most on Steem Engine.


The @virus707 account is on the first place with around 309k STEEM deposited, next comes @tradingideas and @ramires with more than 200k STEEM deposits.

A total of 4283 users deposited more than 1 STEEM.

Withdrawals from Steem Engine

Now let’s take a look at the withdrawals.

Below is a chart that represents the Steem withdrawals on Steem Engine.


On the withdrawals chart we can also notice a few spikes in large sums as for the deposits.
On average there is 19k withdrawn daily in this period, and a total od 5.02M STEEM withdrawn.
The maximum amount of daily STEEM withdrawn happened on 22.08.2019 with 516,921 of STEEM.

Here is the chart in monthly withdraws.


Similar pattern as for the deposits.

Users that withdraw the most from Steem Engine

Here are the users that withdrawn the most on Steem Engine.


The @sct.wallet account is on the first place with around 676k STEEM withdraw, next comes with 663k and @theycallmedan with more than 271k STEEM withdraw.

Notice that these account are different from the top deposits accounts.
Steem Engine has more crypto gateways, meaning users can deposit and withdraw in other cryptos as well. Although STEEM is the most used currency it is not the only one and these are not all the amounts on deposits and withdrawals.

A total of 5496 users withdraw more than 1 STEEM.

STEEM Deposits VS Withdrawals

Below is a chart on the monthly deposits vs withdrawals put together for comparison.


As expected, the amount of Steem deposited is larger than the amount withdrawn.
A total of 5,716,807 deposited and 516,921 withdrawn, or a difference of 693,102 STEEM.

As already mentioned there are other crypto gateways for deposits and withdrawals on SE, and although STEEM is the most used currency, the above is not the whole picture.

Top Holders

Here are the top 20 STEEMP holders:



Not sure about the @steem-peg holdings as on the exchange itself is stated that there is around 667k supply of STEEMP. But that is what the explorer is showing.
The next accounts have more reasonable holdings.

All the best


Hi @dalz
Excellent delivery of statistical information, some time ago I made a suggestion regarding the areas, you told me that it was a little difficult because you get the information from the block string, however I have an idea you can get the information from the baner, many users place the areas where they live.

From there you could get the information and get statistics of publication by zone.

Well it's just a suggestion...


Hi @project.hope! Thanks for the comment!
Here what similarweb have to say about traffic by countries on


Late thank you for this link @dalz

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