My Daily Steem Engine Rewards And New Challenge Accepted After HF21 #newsteem

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Hi, STEEMian's!

Good day;

Let me share my daily rewards on STEEM ENGINE please see the screenshot above. Even if we are now in weary minds keep pushing through do give up face the new challenge and that challenge accepted. I will never give up my account instead of weary here I will stand and fight and face the new challenge.


If Yes! Let us help each other, support each other, upvotes each other and fort. You can join my server to curate the new challenge accepted and make a plan for what lies ahead. So I am now introducing you to my new created server the purpose is to help and love is what we need it the most, One love, One goal, One mind, One direction. To help to promote small fishes under the effect of HF21, Who is with me here is the link I am waiting to the door and SAID, welcome BROTHER & SISTER.

Thank You!

Image credit @thekittygirl

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Hi, @chrismadcboy2016!

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We already had HF22 yesterday.
Comments left to me I cannot find back, neither my new posts are showing and comments given by me partly disappear too.
I hope you will read this. Thanks for the prize you gave. I really appreciate it.
I would like to join helping a new Steemian but cannot find your posts back.

I wish you a great day 💕