Time for another tribe token BURN!!!

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Another Month went by and I've procrastinated long enough. It's time for another BURNINATION!

Tribes that have paid for ads by paying $150 USD paid in ENG to @steem-eng can have ads that run on the site. Those ads generate revenue and that revenue is spent burning tribe tokens.

Presently, Splinterlands is paying $1 CPM. That means for every 1000 deliveries of the banner on the tribe sites that have enabled ads Splinterlands will pay $1. In November there were 350,000 banner ads delivered so Splinterlands is paying $350.

I would welcome other crypto users who would like to run ads on the tribes. This is some of the cheapest advertising you can get. Advertisers don't have to enable anything. Simply reach out, and you'll need banners that are 300x250, 240x400 and/or 728/90.

What's getting Burned?

Well, here are the numbers for November. I'll be buying those tokens and sending those tokens to null.

This was approximately 49,000 actnearn.
This was approximately 10,000 neoxian
This was approximately 2000 PAL
This was approximately 1.83M Sports
This was approximately 1528 Blipcoin
This was approximately 81000 SPACO
This was approximately 1340 Leo

Market Effects

Here's what happened to prices after I went through and bought the tokens and sent them to null. If you'd like to see that for your tribe be sure to reach out to me in discord at https://discord.steem-engine.com.

New Splinterlands images

@carrieallen crafted a bunch of new splinterlands banners. Here are examples you should start seeing this month!

Got an idea for a banner?

Send me a message in Discord with your idea/image. Maybe we'll run your banner ad!



100% benes of this post to @eonwarped who is managing ad implementation!


Hello @aggroed
Calculation of the Estimated Wallet Value:
The steam-engine wallet shows the "Est. Value" in USD (below the letters MY TOKEN WALLET). That's nice - but I just noticed that all staked token have a value of 0 for this calculation. Even though I can't trade them immediately they still have the same value like the unstaked version in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong but just want to let you know ☺️ @peekbit

Yes - not like one would expect. Maybe you should tell @holger80. He does lot of SW development for steem-engine.

Thank you @retinox for reducing your CO2 footprint with the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) 👍


@aggroed please remember to credit the SAND ads that I paid for, over to Weedcash for @richardcrill because I need them to have ads first as they have more users :D Im buyin more weedcash too ima try to be one of the big holders with a million weedcash

I am waiting for @richardcrill to make an announcement and enable the ads, so i hope this post will inspire us all to talk to @eonwarped and get the weedcash ads turned on

Then I will pay another $150 soon so i can have ads ready to be turned on for SAND https://app.sandiegocoin.org or https://SteemSanDiego.com

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Burn, baby, burn!

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Love it.

Thats really cool. Where can i buy add space and there are any parameters?

 last year 

Just message me at https://discord.steem-engine.com

banner sizes are: 300x250, 240x400 and 728x90

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We definitely need to push ourselves to the tribe creation as well! Working on it)


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Hey @aggroed, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptobrewmaster for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @aggroed, it doesn't look like the https://discord.steem-engine.com/ link is working. It appears it doesn't like the "s" in "https". I took that off and it worked.

Please add weedcash to the list thanks :)