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Problem - After a few years of research as best as I can tell we live in a world that's managed and operated by bad people. They deceive us by using grammatical tricks to trick us into giving up our true identities as wonderful people filled with authority delegated to us by our creator and instead enlist us into a maritime/admirality system in which we're "volunteering" to participate. This system is very complex and appears to have existed since 1400 AD or so. A common name of one part of the system is "strawman." The totality of the system is better summed up by "The Justinian Deception," and from what I can tell is part Roman and part Babylonian.

Here is the truth though. You are the creditor. You own the equity title to your body and your birthright. They initially tricked your parents and then tricked you into giving up that title and instead taking on a corporate identity. Here's how they did it.

Your "Christian" name is any part of your name except your Surname (last name). Those two names are separate. Anything you join together in this system becomes corporate. So, when you join the names together it's a corporate name and bullshit flows from there. It seems you own your christian name. it's likely you own the surname. However; It seems they claim to own the combined (corporate) name. When you use your "Full Name" they use it as evidence you are willfully participating in the system, they hold you accountable for debts that aren't yours (but you think are yours), steal assets that actually belong to you, and administer corporate justice onto your body and being. They would claim you volunteered for this by taking their name and using their system. Even worse if you try to escape or challenge the system the punishment can be brutal.

avoiding the system

Well, what about living outside the system. No birth certificate, no ID, no credit card, no bank, and even using fiat currency could be evidence that you're a willful participant under usury of their system and subject you to their laws. People do this. I'm not really sure how they function especially if they have a family or want to live a reasonably normal life. To me it's not really an option.

I don't really ever want to live off the grid. I just don't want to live on their grid. I like electricity. I like heat and power. I like being able to transfer wealth and buy/sell things. I'd prefer to be able to do those things without living under admirality law and threatened with death if I don't like it.

Generally though; It's basically impossible to escape. Practically any document you could possibly own has been rigged to indicate that you're assuming a corporate identity and put you in the system. I believe there may be remedy, but I think the people in charge are violent and so even if you find the magic piece of paper to say "Hey look I reclaimed my real identity and my power back" I think there's a non-zero chance you end up dead especially if you talk about it.


So, let's start over a bit. I'd like you to have an identity that's just you. No tricks. No bullshit. Just you. You can participate in this system and not randomly give rights away. So, let's make it so that identity can do things: Publish stuff, shop for goods and services, create groups, join groups, make goods and services, and list good and services for sale, message others, and subscribe to stuff. Let's also make life convenient so you have authority, but you can also delegate that authority over to others, but you can't delegate authority without expressing permitting it. No tricks!

Search for stuff: So, I see the need then to build directories of people, groups, groups of groups, places, and things. We need a category system to make all that easily searchable. then we need filters to narrow down on which one we're looking for.

It's for everyone. So, the database is publicly accessible. Working on encryption so you can hide things and only allow certain people to see them. But now we can build services built off of common data.

Dating Service example. let's say you are in this system and want to find a date.

You'll update your dating profile. Then you can opt to share this profile publicly or just with select people, groups, or services. When you find a date you can turn off that sharing so people can't continue to view you. There may be more than one person you'd like to share your profile with. There may be more than one service you'd like to share your profile with.

Or maybe you don't present yourself all that well. In that case you could delegate the authority to edit your profile and promote your profile to someone else to help you find a date.

Now because you don't live in New Zealand you may want to exclude New Zealand from the search. So, by having a robust set of criteria that's not just part of my dating profile, but limits based off a contact profile I can screen people.

As for services. I can start with the premise of "This service is only for New Zealanders." And eliminate everyone else from participating. This is like forming a marketplace for dating but without having to dig up all the customers. They all live on teh same common database. Alternative it's not geography that drives dating habit, but religion. So, I make a christian dating site and everyone that participates is a christian. I know that because the users delegated authority to read, share, and promote their religious profile. So, my website using the public database, voluntary permission from my users, and way less work than starting from scratch lauched a dating marketplace in record time serving a focused population.

Putting it all together

Get an account
Build your personal or group profile
List goods, services, and events for trade

Search for people and groups in directories. Search for items and services in teh catalog. Use category, geography, language, and profile details to narrow down your search.

It'll obviously have to look better than this, but here's an early prototype of the catalog of goods and services for sale.

Wait, what's the benefit of all this?

You'll be able to spin up a website that's either a personal store, general marketplace, or discussion group. You'll be able to operate in someone else's store simply by logging in with steem keychain and clicking some authority delegation checkboxes. It'll be tied into steem as a payment system and your steem account as a base of all authority.

I want people to migrate to steem. People, groups, organizations, businesses. If that's going to happen we have to make it easy and beneficial. Hopefully you'll see soon how this all comes together.


I think your projects are what's gonna give steem the kickstart it needs to the real world

That's cool. Got to resteem for future use.

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Watched the interview with Lea yesterday, really excited about what you guys are doing.


You guys are crushing it

It’s surly gel together one day, a changed world and a changed system.

It’s in our hands to take down this old and rude centralized system that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years.

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Steem ♨ On !

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Check out the YouTube channel called (Justinian Deception) from an Australian that has got out of the system he has lot's of good info.

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That’s exciting, keep building great stuff guys. I appreciate your hard work!


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This post is so Sovereign individual. Love it! Thank you.

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The fact tvat we are tied to fiat is the primary string of our attachment and dependence on them.

Governments themselves are only businesses operaring under the control of financial elites