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How do you feel knowing fully well that your data is kept safe, how do you feel knowing fully well that your personal information and browsing history is not collected by a third party, happy right? This is where Alpha browser came in.


Freedom is the most valuable asset that a human can possess. Freedom is the right to act, speak, or think how you want without any authoritative intervention.
By--- James Madison

When it comes to data/cookies and privacy, I have seen big companies promising you never to get it compromised. At the end, your information is been used against you. I have also seen services promises never to let your password out or use it against you, but they did otherwise. This is indeed a bridge of contract and it urgently needs to be revisited.

Coupled with this lies/deceit, the need for a better browsing experience through the service of Alpha browser came into place.


Alpha Browser is a lightweight, socially responsible, and privacy conscious mobile digital content app. It is designed and developed to help digitally conscious digital citizens to optimize their viewing experience, prevent web addiction and safeguard their personal data and privacy. Judging from the above, you can see that Alpha browser is a freedom app. You are free to surf the web in any way you choose to without your privacy/data been compromised.

For more info on Alpha browser, you can visit stateofthedapps here




Just to feed you wit the best experience, Alpha browser ensure that there is no breach of contract as they employ the below patterns.

● It does not employ cookies, nor does it collect personal information and browsing history.

● It employs multiple filters to reduce Ad and phishing pop-ups.

● It employs a unique mechanism called ​Energy​ to measure the value of digital content in order to encourage the reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction.

● Energy​ helps to reduce the development of web addiction, once a user’s daily limit is exhausted,​ Energy​ must be replenished.

How to Access Alpha Browser

When comparing Alpha browser to another browser, you will see that this browser is cool and awesome. This browser is available in two download method, they include as follows:

Android download link


For the benefit of this review, I download the Android version from Android playstore.

After downloading the app, I lunched the application by opening it.


Just to serve you better, Alpha Browser came with the below awesome interface. These feature rewards our viewing pleasure with fun knowing fully well that our data/privacy is not compromised. The features are as follows:

i. HOME BUTTON - The home button is just like your normal home page in your other browser. You will see a space where you can input the intended site you want to visit and you click okay. For example, if you want to visit, all you have to do is type it on the website page and click on search.




ii. HOT: This is indeed a hot session. You can carry out lots of tasks through this medium. You can search for topics through popular tags like #music, #sport, #Alpha news, #bar, #life tips, #entertainment etc. You will also come across post that are ranked high in this session. This is determined by engagement going through such field. You can share your favourite article through this medium and you can also give it a like base on how you enjoyed it.





iii. BILLBOARD: If you want to check the ranking of a post base on different criteria, you can use this medium to do just that. You will come across the time the post was shared, the comment/engagement, numbers of likes on the post, etc.


vi. ME: This is just like your profile page. You can use it to sign in to your Alpha browser account or you can use it to sign up.



If you love privacy, then this browser is for you. It clears data, cookies and personal information and browsing history after you finish your activities.

Another cool thing that I really love about Alpha browser is that when you are browsing, there is a medium that it uses to employs multiple filters to reduce Ad and phishing pop-ups. So, when you are on this browser, you are so sure that you won't come across anything like ads.

Lastly, Alpha browser employs a unique mechanism called ​Energy​ to measure the value of digital content in order to encourage the reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction. It also makes sure that there is reduction in web addiction as it puts criteria in place to check mate users social time spent. So once your daily limit has complete, you won't be able to access the browser until your energy has been replenished.


The only issue I have with this browser is that it loads slowly when you try to access the #Billboard page. This should be properly worked on as I don't expect a browser with less load to load poorly.


Final Verdict

For those who want to get their information hidden, I will recommend #Alpha browser to them as it offers privacy to the highest level. It also ensures that there is a medium in place to measure the value of digital content in order to encourage the reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction. Finally, It also employs multiple features to kill Ads. With this in place, I am given them a star rating of 4/5.


For more info on #Alpha browser, visit

Disclaimer: Images are properties of #Alpha browser and are used for the sole purpose of this review

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