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Apparently if #reggae did not exist
someone else will invent it anyway. This is course of life
of whatever we like.
We want to see and feel positive vibration.
There are so much to envy, I do not think we will never
finish or think about touching 5% of what going on
in the world.
Same thing can be said for #reggae and the lifestyle
that encompass with it.
The world is at the mercy of this genre.

Keida came to my radar.
I was going to purchase the album of EBB and FLOW.
To my attention I do have amazon prime
and with just a click I do have the album
in my hand to listen.
I know she will get a cut.

If you keep on asking, you shall receive.

I listen to one loveand delighted by the attention to detail
for an artist her caliber.
I came to listen as well Is this really love another #jahm.
This one from another album.
You can see how colorful are her songs.
Her parents are artists trhemselves
and she went to school to follow their roots till
she changes course to be a singer.

In the same album noted earlier
the track stand for something has a big place
in the struggle we are fighting daily.
I am glad she is using her voice to put them in place.
Again this is positive, #reggae embrace this aspect in life.
One has to step back sometimes and make a count of what
is not functioning in our society.
We ain't falling for anything.
I get her message about standing your ground for what
it is right.

I like to allow the artist to glow the #jahm for us

Hear this:

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@pouchon.tribes, Due to ReggaeSteem Ecosystem, One Love message is becoming a Niche. Stay blessed.

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I met this woman years ago, she used to date a friend of mine, I was there when they met. What a irie personalty. She is super chill.

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