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Hi steemit.

Today the local rock and gem club held a show and sale. Well if you know me, you know I'm a little bit into rocks and fossils. Where I live I can find fish and shell fossils.


Here's a display with some cool pendants


Here's some stone and gem sort of show pieces.




They didn't want me to take pictures of the multi million dollar displays, but I was able to hold a $10,000.00 topaz. The guy didn't take his eye off that stone the whole time. But I talked the talk about stone inclusions, graded an emerald for my friend in front of him, and had my jewelers loupe and everything, so I think he thought I was a gemologist or something. Anyway he let me actually hold a $10,000.00 topaz. Under my loupe it was beautiful.

In reality I'm broke as shit. But I did buy my new lady a piece.


That was made by a friend of mine who's in the club. He also did a ring for me a while back. Its gorgeous stone.

For myself, I bought what they called "grab bag" of stones. They were $3.00 each, and they all were hand made bags filled with different stones. I told them they didn't charge enough, but they aren't in it for the money at all.


Pretty neat, there's some turquoise in there, some garnet, agate, maybe jade. But look at this sweet bag that came in, hand made!. I'm gonna definitely add this baby to my treasure chest. Its a dinosaur bag!


Man that's awesome. I had a good day today. I found my best girl a small treasure, I met up with my previous neighbours, looked at awesome stones, had a spiritual stone guru, almost make me cry when she saw my lapis lazuli ring... That's a story...

So This vendor, a spiritual guru, with crystals and stones, saw my ring. This ring 👇


And she asked me about it. I told her it had a tiger's eye stone, but I had my friend Bob, who did the above pendant, put a Lapis Lazuli in it. She asked if there was a problem with the Tigers eye. I said "yes, it cracked". She then looked me in the eye, grabbed my shoulders and said something like the following...

" You have faced big changes lately, you had something bad happen, that's the Tigers eye breaking, you replaced the Tigers eye with lapis lazuli, which symbolizes you are growing stronger and becoming a new level of enlightenment, and maturity. That's why we choose stones, the energy they give attracts us."

She asked me if some of that sounded at all correct. I nearly broke down that's exactly what happened. In fact Bob asked me why on earth I would want Lapis Lazuli on my ring instead of onyx or Brazilian agate. And I wasn't sure. I just told him I wanted a blue rock.

Anyway, great day. I'm glad I'm having those again...

  1. That is crazy about the lady and the tiger’s eye stone v the lapis!!!
  2. I want everyone who posts about rocks to use the tag #steemitrocks! 🤣😂
  3. You need to talk to @summertooth about fossilized fish! He has a story.

Yeah, it was weird, but kinda OK at the same time. She pretty much nailed it!

New lady. 😲😲😲 I'm way behind. Those are some kickass looking rocks/gems. I can only imagine @summertooth will be here soon to check them out.

Yeah, I have a new lady interest, my friend. You aren't too behind, I haven't really posted much... Let's just say, with her, we were both kinda in a dark place, emotionally, and we walked out together.

Sounds like a lot of fun.
I like my stones and should use them more often.

Sounds like a lot of
Fun. I like my stones and should
Use them more often.

                 - wanderingmoon

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It was a very nice little show. A person could spend so much on a rock and crystal collection!