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A spirited and informative post.

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Thank you~ It was a little all over the place.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! Steemit needs us one of them lucky crystal toads! I agree about the virus, a great deal of near hysteria for a sickness that isn't very dangerous, I'm not quite understanding that.
Lots of great pictures here man and you are doing fantastic in growth here!

I think we need 17 lucky toads to be exact ;)
I think the hysteria of the virus is political as always. Fear is easy to manipulate. It's very difficult to manipulate people who are happy calm and content.
Thanks, I like these pictures and the growth, too.
Let's hope the powers don't mess things up too badly. In any case, you and I both produce content that can probably survive and thrive elsewhere.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! I agree, the panic seems to be intentional at least in some instances and some say the globalists just want these scares so that people get used to taking vaccines.

Yeah speaking of elsewhere, have you thought of another platform? I thought about Weku but never signed up.

They really push the flu vaccination in Korea. Masks and hand sanitizers too. What ever happened to hand washing, healthy eating, sound sleep and exercise?
I haven't looked into another platform yet. I'll wait a few more weeks and be sure to let everyone know.

I know people everywhere are going to be much more conscious about hand washing and healthy eating because of this coronvirus scare.
The way things look, I don't know if either side will compromise or even want to work together so we may all be looking for other platforms.

500 cases per day? That isn't very encouraging. In our country people started panicking after one case (a few now).

Yeah we are wrecked. Korea is doing a lot more testing and tracking than everywhere else. The government announced all healthcare related to it is completely free and any missed work must be fully compensated. I have a feeling it is much worse in other countries, but they don't bother unless symptoms are bad. With the lower mortality rate it makes sense because it is probably the wiser move for the economy and diplomacy.

you guys need to get safe and healthy better! the Philippines love KOREA!!!! and the whole generation now is so supportive of your stars...they'd be sad for the people there. please be safe!

Thanks. Glad you like K-pop. I hear there are even some Korean-philippinos getting into the scene now.

Yes!!! And not just our love for movies and short films... We even have Korean founded foundations back home.... so much love!

Writing two to three quality posts per week with one or two little contests for fun should keep everyone busy on Steem. I agree with the quality posts and not quantity, burn out turns ugly when you hit the wall, become numb not knowing what to write.

Photography each excellent telling a story of life in your region, yes this virus is nasty, one cannot sit and worry, we need to get on with life. Viruses spread very fast with global movement, will most probably get to every country eventually, hopefully all are prepared.

Thanks for sharing your Spud experience, another something to be approached again when I am more organized.

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Thank you. I do like authors who write short posts and some manage to do it well. It just isn't my style. There is a difference from that and milking it.

Covid hit Korea very badly, but the death rate is very low. I have to womder what is actually happening in Iran with a much higher death rate? In Korea a lot of the people testing positive aren't even feeling particularly sick. They only found out because of testing from contact with a sick person. In anycase, economic damage will be very bad and we cannot run osiciety if we hide from every flu. Take precautions and carry on. Delaying school seems like a huge inconvenience for 99% of healthy strong students.

SPUD is good stuff. I've seen a lot of powerdowns in February and I don't think it is time to give up or sell. I guess people are just nervous.

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위대한 출판은 완벽한 다큐멘터리 잡지입니다!
SPUDXI에 대한 귀하의 지원을 고취
영원히 오래 살다 @abitcoinskeptic
Great publication, is a complete documentary magazine!
Inspiring your support for SPUDXI
Just long live forever @abitcoinskeptic

Thank you.
The post is all over the place, lol.

Manse for Steem! Great post.

Thank you. Happy 3-1 to you and your family, too.

Nice pics, and nice reaching new heights @abitcoinskeptic Thanks for supporting #spud #spudxi #spud11 and #mar2020spud take care.

Thank you. Ill probably get past 19k next time and if I keep it up 20 in a few months. It's been easier than ever to earn Steem and SPUD.

So many names for SPUD now. But I like SPUD3•1 best for Korea's holiday.

I was just wondering how you were faring when I heard the reports of the high number of cases in Korea. The South African government is evacuating the majority of South Africans in Wuhan. About 150 of just over 200. They've tested nearly 150 people here and so far, negative. I do think there's a lot of hype which is a consequence of SARS which had a much higher mortality rate. That said, the covid 19 mortality rate of 4% - if that's to be believed - is much higher than influenza and the common cold. I also heard a report that it's not affecting kids. How weird is that? I am also wondering that as it breaks out in other places - like northern Italy - whether the mortality and recovery rates will be comparable.

Besides all of that, the economic consequences are scary.

This whole thing makes me want to refresh my memory about Malthus.

Stay healthy.

Oh, and happy #spud and #3-1

Thanks. Doing okay here. Mostly uoset I can't take my regular late winter vacations.

I think the mortality rate is misleading. It is 0.5% in Korea because they are testing everyone and have the best testing so far. They are finding a lot of mild cases that people wouldn'teven be concerned about. The countries with higher mortality rates are only counting the most obvious and severe cases.

At anyrate, hope it blows over and doesn't wreck the economy. Eventually people will just get bored of it I hope.

I studied Malthus a bit in school. He was one of the first socioeconomic thinkers. He was wrong but it was such an interesting connection to make back then. If it wasn't so dire he'd be up there with much more famous people. Maybe this is neomalthusiast stuff. In anycase, I think we could do without.

So sorry about your vacations. So, as you say, the figures are misleading. Our currency has plummeted - I am planning to do another course and must pay in GBP and between my trying to register and some glitch with the platform - on their side - I'm going to have to fork out a whole lot more than I planned. Urgh!

If it wasn't so dire he'd be up there with much more famous people.

Indeed. And yes, perhaps this is neomalthusiast and yes, we can do without it.

Our currency is taking a slight hit, but I think the government needs to work harder to save the economy or they will be out of power in 6 weeks with the next election. Hopefully, things pick up for your country soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

the government needs to work harder to save the economy or they will be out of power in 6 weeks with the next election

Are you talking Korea or Canada? I haven't been paying attention.

Hopefully, things pick up for your country

It's going to take a while. Ramaphosa has a poisoned chalice. And continuing the cliches, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. You can't fix a country (or systems) that's (have) been systematically pillaged and plundered over ten or more years in less than 2 when you've got very little support from what should, effectively be your power base. I will say this, though: he's done a lot to shore up the judiciary and the prosecution system. And results of enquiries - public - which were necessary - are beginning to be seen. With meaningful consequences.

Thus spake the glass half full girl.

Korea is having national assembly elections this year, it's every 4 years (president is every 5).

Korea has a demographic problem and a lot of other countries doing the export growth thing. There isn't much maneuvering room. But at least the democracy is mature and competent. Worst that can happen is a 4 year wait. In Korea, the average family has something like 150,000 USD in assets if you include their apartment which is quite a bit to lose.

I do feel South Africa has a chance sometime in the future. To clarify I meant a lot of people there are poor enough to have very little to lose. They did put in check when they tried to go a little too extreme which is a good thing. Most people just want security in the end of the day, not revenge or retribution.

Let's try to keep looking at the glass as half full.

Indeed. Especially with all the steem stuff going on.... :D

That was an interesting random rant 😊

Although your rep and SP means you don't qualify for the SPUD contest i think it's still important to take part to keep the momentum going. I'll be doing mine later on

Haha no contest for me. Still enjoy doing it. It will be intesting to read yours as well. I wonder if SPUD has had more impact than these minnow and redfish initiatives? It's certainly the most popular.

Great shots of your area. I like the lucky toad.

No corona virus here yet but lots of reports on the news of the cases in other countries.

I heard the masks are only good for the one wearing them not spreading the germs. They will not protect you from others.

Stay safe!

The restaurant the toad was at is just alright, but I'll probably eat there again just to visit it.

I think just accepting the corona as a flu and avoiding shutting down society is the best approach. The panic induced by constant alerts from the government is really straining resources here and it's unlikely it can be contained anyway.

I also wonder how good the masks are at protecting people from getting sick. I think it is better than nothing if worn poorly (makes it harder tounconsciously touch your nose and mouth) and much better than nothing if worn properly.

Now how does a person comment on this post? It is all over the place and are you sure that you haven't been drinking when you made the post? Hahaha
Joking aside, this Covid virus is a serious thing and please take care of yourself my friend. South Africa has been lucky thus far, but one can never be too sure about these things!
Well done on your progress thus far and I also don't do short posts.

Hahaha, I don't tend to drink on Sunday nights ;)
I would hate to see it ravage the poorer countries, but it looks like it will happen sooner or later. Just make sure to eat well and stay healthy and it should be no worse than the regular flu.

Well just you take care of yourself young man.

Congratulations @abitcoinskeptic!

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~ Thank You ~


I am proud to say that despite all the drama with Steem I didn't start powering down or anything and I am confident as ever.

Thank you for staying positive @abitcoinskeptic. And to think that you are not qualified to join the SPUD!!! This is really a very good example that you have set. Thank you.

Yes, COVID-19, also affected us here in the Philippines. We are one of the first who had reported death case outside China. Fortunately, it didn't spread. They say that it is because it's too hot in our country. I don't know if it is true or not. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that it spreads like wildfire in your place. Please be safe. 😢

Thank you for staying positive, too! We need it back up to a dollar or two before it can really start to get noticed again. Too few people could actually make enough to do well right now, it wouldn't gain the traction it needs to succeed.

I think it's spreading in your country, they just don't realize it. But I hope the hot weather stops it. I was planning on visiting the Philippines for my vacation at the end of April, but I have my doubts that will be possible.

Yeah, I don't think it is safe to travel yet. We even limit ourselves from travelling within the country.

I don't know if it is already spreading. In the local news, Patients Under Observation (PUI) who have been quarantined has already been released. No panic can be sensed too. Filipinos are very gossipy, so if there's a cause for panic, it would surely leak. So hopefully, things are well.

I hope things are well and that it isn't spreading. It would be kind of hard to keep it a secret. However, for the most part it is just a cough unless someone already has health problems. So it could be surpringly difficult to tell.
I have half a mind that China was just using it as an excuse for a good old authoritarian crack down and it's hardly worse than the normal flu. A few countries that don't want to criticize China got a little too carried away and are now freaking out over something that isn't all that dangerous compared to the normal flu....but I'm not an expert and starting to sound a little too skeptical.

Well, you have a point. Normal flu causes 12k+ death per year!!! But because experts doesn't know much about this new virus yet, that's why they are really worried of what is unknown. Hopefully, they'll soon find a vaccine and perhaps stops the spread of it. How different would it be to live in a world without sickness! 😍

About 3 articles in one post! That's impressive.

This virus of a thing is really getting out of have. I think the governments are to be blamed here. They would have stopped movement of people from one country to another until the viruses are being eliminated. Now it has spread to a lot countries.

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I find most of these topics would be too boring on their own. Besides something for everyone.

I agree the governments are the problem. Firstly, discourage tourism, then just tell everyone to keep on with their lives and stop panicking. Getting the flu isn't fun, but in most cases, it's better than losing your job or a few months of income. We turned it into something truly unbearable here. By not restricting travel, Korea is now on nearly everyone's avoid travel, or restricted list.

Wow!! You manage to organically mix several themes in just one post, it's a wonderful writing and surely a lot of work!!
I think in all over the world is strong the desire of peace between North and South Korea. I'm sure there's plenty of families separated by a border and imperial interests. On the other hand I must agree with you, I think this coronavirus is boosted by the governments and media, at least here in México there's very few cases, but the alarm is constant in every news outlet. Hope the best for every patient and that this seasson pass soon!!
I didn't know about the SPUD initiative, now I will search for more!!
Best regards @aBitcoinSkeptic, and the best winds for every project!!

Thanks, I prefer to write longer posts for some reason. Maybe one day I'll try to restrict things to under 1000 words, but that's why I like putting in pictures. Some people just look at those and the headings. Fair enough.

Not sure when peace between North and South Korea will happen. According to the current South Korean leader, we are already in a situation of peace (the north launched more 'missiles of peace' just today ;) Between me and you, it was empty words.

Hopefully, it doesn't spread in Mexico. For some reason, I'm noticing it spread more in colder climates, but we can't be fully sure yet. They could just have better detection.

I recommend SPUD if you have any Steem sitting around. It's just about powering up once a month!

I've seen that your posts are very complex but always clear and mixing many interesting commentary and awesome photography. I think every idea has its own breath!

Politicians are always full of empty words. Peace is much needed now, even here in this same blockchain. :(

Yes, in most parts of México we have warm to very hot climates, in the center and north could be very cold.

I use to power up every time I have some earnings, can I participate making a summary of those or is needed to power up at the end of the month?

Have a great night/day. I send the best wishes for every project and the hope for peaceful resolution in the current situation of this loved blockchain!!

Glad you like my photography. I like writing too, but cannot seem to just write.

Politicians annoy most sane people.

Usually SPUD happens on the first of the month, so better to wait until then to power up (especially this month).

Say hello to Mexico. ~ I've visited there before (south part), I enjoyed it.

I'm glad you've enjoyed your visit here, the south is the most beautiful in many ways!! :)
A big hug and best regards, @aBitcoinSkeptic!!

Great post, with several subjects covered, along with some really nice photos! When we come right down to it, whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen. All we can do as individuals is to decide how to react to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible.

Glad you liked the photos. I think governments telling everyone who isn't vulnerable to just take it easy and continue on with their lives is the best approach. Korea now has a mess on its hands that is going to cost the country billions of dollars in unnecessary lost production.

I agree on the easy approach. I heard something over the weekend that regular flu kills up to 100K Americans every year, and this doesn't appear that it'll be any worse than that at this point.

We have very few documented cases in our country. There were three reported in our province but was dismissed. The thing that I fear the most is if they are hiding the cases. People needs to know to take extra precaution. I hope this ends so. Stay safe.

I doubt your government has any idea. Either that or they just want to pretend they are in control. Korea's reaction has caused everyone to panic and the economy will suffer as a result. I doubt it will even accomplish much since it spreads so easily.

I have no idea that korea was colonised by Japan long time ago. A new information indeed, thanks for sharing.. Anyway congrats for #spud.. let's believe on steem.

Learning is always good. Let's just say Koreans weren't too happy about that event.

Very interesting post. The images are just great. I hope things do not get worse in Korea regarding the virus and also regarding politics. That is a very complicated area and I know that whenever patriotism is invoked tings get really complicated for people to agree on common good.

Thanks so much.
Politics is confusing here, I don't really understand it. Korea is as polarized as the US politically and possibly more patriotic to a dangerous degree. At least people are doing okay here.

There's talk in the US now to prepare people for the possibility of closed schools and extended "working from home." I dissapointed my kids when I reminded them that even if the school building was closed, instruction would still take place electronically.

It was originally 1 week. Now it is 3 weeks. They will lose a lot of vacation and they can't even have fun. I know I would be tutoring my children or having them do workbooks and online education. That's the future anyway and good skills for independence can be learned.

Interesting style of post @abitcoinskeptic, with you ranging "far and wide" across a variety of topics ... 😉

It will be quite a historical event to see the two Koreas unite given the ideological gulf separating them. The Leader of the North was reportedly (at least here ...) raging again about what he was going to do. This time related to the corona virus. Hard to imagine how reconciliation can take place. But ... The two Germanys did it and look where they are today.

"The economic damage is already pretty serious."

Yeah, that may be a considerable understatement. Time will tell. Last week was a historic collapse of the U. S. stock market. Futures are indicating this morning will open to a potentially growing collapse ... These "stampedes" can take on a life of their own.
We'll see soon enough.

Nice picture arrangements you've made!

North Korea launched 2 rockets today. And yesterday the South Korean president gave a nice 3.1 fay speech talking about unity. Genuine peace and reconciliation is a long way off. I don't think the Germans ever had the same amount of repression or animosity. It was a shorter period and they didn't have a civil war either. Also USSR fell, but PRC China who is another questionable in charge here is still going strong.

I hope the US market doesn't fall too kuch. It will be bad news for the world and a domino effect if that happens. Also interest rates are already rock bottom so loweri g it can only do so much.

Let's hope it's not necessary and doesn't become a US political issue like it is already here.

Glad you like the photos. A few I regret not making even bigger.

Great pics. I see that you've been to Gyeongju. That's great that you have been trying to get onto rooftops in Seoul. I want to find somewhere looking down on Namdaemun. Photos looking down on the gate in the evening look amazing.

This post covers a lot of territory.. I will focus on just one point you made. Stock market down (for stupid reasons I think) but it's down and I am taking full advantage of it! Good Idea @abitcoinskeptic :-)

Love your photos @abitcoinskeptic. I too hope this virus works its way out quickly, glad to hear Korea is testing vigilantly. US just had it's 2nd death yesterday.. be safe!

I didn't spud this month yet. 😿


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I think you picked a good month to avoid delaying SPUD!

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What a beautiful photographs!

Thank you~

Great post, @abitcoinskeptic. Wow 500 cases a day? I think the most remarkable thing about the virus is how contagious it is. But I’m not sure if it’s mid contagious or if people just don’t have any immunity to it. At any rate, it does sound mostly like bad cold or flu that most people recover from.

There’s a lot going on in this blog, I realize, not just the coronavirus. That’s just such a topical Th bing right now, and it’s very interesting yo hear from someone who is right in the heart of it. I do hope it clears up by summer, as you said. (Much sooner would be better — with fewer and fewer new reports of deaths from the illness.) Cancelling trips is no fun at all. And the long term effect on the global economy could be truly devastating.

Thanks. There were around 600 cases found today. They are finding lots and lots.
I think it is about as bad as the average flu, but it is a new flu and we fear the unknown.
I wrote too many things and got really distracted. In hindsight, I should have made a few blogs.
Let's hope the economy and health both stay strong.

A very interesting publication, I love how you have written everything, the nuances between the past and the present talk about its history and what is happening now with the covid-19.
I really regret what is happening I hope you can control it as soon as possible since we all know that there is more complicated, here in Mexico only 5 cases have been detected, I just hope they can counter it quickly.
Greetings from Mexico

Glad you liked it. I don't think we can control it. We have to let the virus take its course and just practice good hygiene.
I hope your country avoids it.

Interesting data about the history, culture and present of other countries far from mine, I live in Venezuela. Thank you for sharing and illustrating me. A hug from here.

Glad you liked it.
I think Venezuela has some interesting history, too.
I liked studying about Bolivar. But I like your geography more. Interesting minerals, lakes and forests.

You're welcome to our story. Although we have indeed had some twenty difficult years due to the political and economic crisis that everyone knows about and that has forced us to flee our country and seek other directions (not my case, I continue and I think I will die here), our country is beautiful from many points of view, including geographical, cultural and human values. Thank you very much for your feedback and for sharing interesting things. I keep reading from you. A hug for you, @abitcoinskeptic

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Well, this is your usual awesomeness! I love to read your posts and wonder what it would be like if I were back there again.

The frog is cool!!!

How did you find time to post? I am still all steemed up over things. LOL

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