3 orbs and 1 common gold foil out of 120 loots

in The City of Neoxian6 months ago

Heys splinter fella's wassup

I am hoping everyone has claimed their season loots. I just claimed mine loots and got 3 orbs and just 1 common gold out of 120 loot chests.

But I saw some people got really nice rewards congrats to them. I am writing this post for the sake of posting as I haven't posted anything in the past three days :P. My laziness is taking over and procrastination is here again with its full power XD. But I hope soon I will be ok and will back to my posting routine like I used to.

120 Chest loot




As you can see I claimed my rewards in champion 2. Hmmm, why not champion 1 this time? Well, you don't get lucky all the time. I don't know wth was wrong with my account yesterday all I was getting common and rare rules and no dragon summoner active. Dang all I was getting a lower-ranked player with maxed deck.

My lower level summoners couldn't survive in front of them so there is that. I refused to stress myself for champion 1 and will try to get in next season.

My all attention was on ts-neoxian. Making sure that account in top 20 it made me sleepless yesterday. I wasn't able to sleep.

That's all, for now, see y'all around. take care

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