Spoils of War: Time to Use the Loot to Gather the Common

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Another quest survived!


I am seriously contemplating to burn off the Exploding Dwarf as I have yet found a way to really use it well. That's one expensive mana card with very little life.

It really makes me feel what @aikido.hung mentioned; a Kamikaze card

However I am just going to set aside and celebrate the spoils of war by seriously contemplating which are the cards I use the most and start to level them up.

This time, I am going to concentrate on the water element.


I was searching through the market for an affordable price range for my utmost favourite card - the Water Elemental and since I use it almost in every single water summoner quest, I might as well acquire it.


Getting all 3 cards at once (since the starter pack doesn't allow us to own any cards) wasn't expensive neither it is cheap; but I could only afford 3 and not 5 cards. In my past 2 post I already staked, traded and burn all other extra tokens so I couldn't really buy any more DEC. I also have to reserve my steem for my Very critical target And I am far from even saving up 1% so I must truly conserve as much as I can.


However getting the Water Elemental even with 1 level up is of pretty good benefit. You can literally see that its speed and life increased significantly, which means if it is not the slowest-first handicap most of the time this card gets the advantage.

It is overall a good investment.


My next utmost favourite card would be this card, but this is just too expensive for me to bear at the moment. So I have to cringe a little, battle a little more and hopefully I could afford one of these one day.


I used up my remaining spoils of war for this Frozen Soldier . I am starting to have a better acquaintance with this card as the front line of defense when my total mana is very limited. Even the Goblin Mech had a hard time taking down this fella with its ability. I hope later I could afford another 2 more.


It really took me to think a little to spend the almost last bits in my DEC wallet for that card. But I think it will be of good use for the future.

Stress free level up


Finally for some stree-free upgrades. Because I have been blessed to be reward this card multiple times plus today's, I was able to now own 2 level 3 cards. I might think of leasing one out for a super affordable price but I might wait a tiny bit longer and see any more of the same rewarded card that enables me to level it to 4.

So far I am keeping a calm pace while observing what Beta cards I usually have to use all the time and aim for that in savings through steem-engine; and hopefully, I will meet less Gladiator Splinterland Gamers along the way... haha...

Until then


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Good choices on the other cards, but Dwarf is awesome placed in the mid-ranks when the rules are, 'melee monsters can attack from any position'

Hm... I think I have tried that before but opponent slaughtered it before it can be of good use (because of the low life)

I didn't burn the card just yet, as I have other leveled up cards. I am going to see if it can be used for the next 2 seasons then since you are very much convinced. 😉

It's all about the position, keep him in the 3rd or 4th slot (middle). He is 'opportunity' bait but has good speed. He can hit first and do his damage.

Good point @slobberchops -- the Exploding Dwarf !monster is GREAT for the 'melee attack from anywhere' OR the 'all melee have sneak' rules. The Blast ability, like Ruler of the Seas, can do a whole lot of extra damage to the neighbouring cards while staying proctected itself. :)


But its low lifespan (regardless of level) sure is a prey for those that have vulture ability to strike the weakest.

The one health is a big risk for sure, especially for the Opportunity ability. But his relatively high speed helps both to get off his attack first and maybe cause the opponent !monster to miss. Certainly not an every match monster, but quite useful in certain situations (and I've definitely had him used effectively against me). :)