Splinterlands Card Review Recaps

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Hello everyone. I know a lot of you have been checking out my review post. It has been a lot of fun doing them. I had talked about doing a post to help you find all of them if you happened to catch them late. I want to thank the community for a lot of support. @clove71 and @@@carrieallen have been amazing people. They are two of the reasons that I got into Steem Monsters at the time and a reason I continue to invest in Splinterlands and steem. As a part of this recap I am also going to do something I haven't done before and giveaway a legendary card. Make sure you read the post so you have a shot to win. It won't take anything special but more than just an "I'm In"

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Here is the card you can win a level 1 Sacred Unicorn

20200220 19_50_36Window.png

To win the card I just want you to tell me about how you started to play the game. It was a friend or something else. I want to see how a lot of our players go into the game. I joined the discord and asked if this was real. I remember how nice the people were. How they said trust us it will be big. I got free cards and new friends on steem so fast. This is one of the reasons I have always given stuff back. Now for the links.


Untamed Dragons Part 2
Untamed Dragons Part 1
Untamed Neutral Rares
Untamed Neutral Epic and Legendary
Untamed Neutral Commons
Untamed Life Commons
Untamed Life Rares
Untamed Life Epic and Legendary
Untamed Death Mages and Ranged
Untamed Earth Commons
Untamed Earth Rares
Untamed Earth Epic and Legendary
Untamed Fire Mages and Summoner
Untamed Fire Melee
Untamed Water Melee
Untamed Water Mages
Alpha/Beta Summoners
Alpha/Beta Life Melee
Alpha/Beta Death Melee
Alpha/Beta Earth Melee
Death Rewards Cards
Rewards Cards Mix
Untamed Rewards Cards Common Part 1
Untamed Rewards Cards Common Part 2


I will try to catch up with the cards I have missed once I finish up the other new rewards cards. It has been a lot of fun to do this and I am glad that I am playing this game. I hope that a lot of the new members of steem will play this.


Hello @stever82,

If you want to know, I started after reading at some site about which are good games with earning crypto. Long time since 2019 when I started, so I cannot tell now where I read it.

After that, it took me a while to figure all out about Steem and @splinterlands blockchains. Pretty complicated system with many wallets, essentially doing same thing.

I came with some TRX and then bought me a starter pack. And now in the last season I ended in Diamond III. Active at @peakmonsters markets as well.

Pleased how things are progressing in the game,


Thanks for all the info. Glad you stuck with it and congrats on hitting Diamond

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I started playing because a friend told me about the investment opportunity. I didn't expect to actually play the game but when I saw that you earn cards I couldn't resists. 😁

Ya earning free cards over the past was a great reason to play. Now you get DEC and can target cards to pick up. I like that also

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lots of links here, I am going to resteem on the gamer account to read later.

I started with the UNTAMED kickstarter - its actually fun! I waited long time because I heard it was deterministic, but honestly I like that the play is just selecting the cards.

Cool the kick-starters were both good to join.

@anouk.nox was the one responsible for me being in steem. And on the day I joined, as a gamer that I am, I instantly looked for steem games and obv found splinterlands! Addicted since day 1! And yeah I hooked my partner into it as well. eheh <3

Good to hear.

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I honestly can't remember, I think I got excited about the idea that there will be a game on steem blockchain.

I remember I was super mad at myself since I wasn't behind computer on the launch day for the steemmonsters very first website so I got the 2nd day experience :(

Haha that is funny. I get mad at myself for not buying more in the beginning. But took a bit to trust everything.

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Such a great card, I need to use him more!! I think I replaced him with Lord A LOL!! I use Lord A too much!

Ya Loard of A is a good card why you have to lear how to beat him this guy can win a lot.

I started after read a message from a friend in telegram steemit portugal

Hope that it is working out for you like it has for me

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