Splinterlands Discord, Facebook & Telegram Update !

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Hi everyone! Things are looking very nice in the Splinterlands Discord, Facebook and Telegram! Make sure to join them all today if you have not yet. The Discord group gets most of the traffic and is very busy. You can always get a question answered in there very fast! Make sure to join Telegram today and get in on @grapthar's Telegram trivia contest! You can read all about it HERE. You might even get lucky and get in on some airdropped DEC from me (@clove71) in Telegram. A big shout out to fellow Splinterlands Facebook Admin. and Telegram Admin. @shaidon! He has been busy accepting many new members in the Facebook group and helping people out in Telegram! Follow him for awesome Splinterlands content! I also want to thank him, @vcdragon and @yonilkar for giving a great recommendation on the Facebook page!

Many follow the Splinterlands Facebook page but have not yet liked the page. For everyone who likes the Facebook page, please put a screenshot of it in the comments below and you will be randomly selected to win a mystery prize from me! It could be a common card, DEC, a booster pack, a reward card, etc. Have a great day in Splinterlands!

Recent Splinterlands News:

  • Splinterlands announces it's new Brand Ambassador program! Read all about it HERE

  • Splinterlands won the title best game on Steem by Crypto Gamers! Check it out HERE

  • Check out new Splinterlands update post about the new and upcoming rewards cards, mobile web app and Stun ability changes HERE The new rewards cards will be coming out on Feb.10, 2020! The Loot Chests went live on Feb.4th,2020!

  • Check out the Splinterlands Newswatch video HERE

  • Follow Altcoinbuzz.io and their weekly Splinterlands update HERE with all the stats and more about Splinterlands!

The Facebook Page has 437 followers, 402 likes and over 38,661 post reach this week! 10,529 video views this week! What huge and awesome numbers! I love the new Splinterlands ads on Facebook!

The Facebook group has 425 members

Telegram has 936 members

Discord has 4,879 members

Discord Talk:

  • Check out the latest talk in The Mavericks House in Discord about potions! You can become a Maverick today if you have purchased 500 packs or more from Splinterlands.io, Monstermarket.io or peakmonsters.io! Go to the registration channel in Discord first to register and then it will automatically enroll you in Mavericks when you reach 500 packs! You can check how many packs you have bought as well as see your Splinterlands collection value.

  • Discord members talking about the new Splinterlands update post about the new rewards cards, the mobile web app and Stun ability changes HERE coming out on Feb.10,2020!

Check out @toocurious and what he received in his amazing loot chest!

  • @taintedblood thinks this lineup will win the 99 mana matches with the new rewards cards coming out:
    "Making it a lot easier to have a lineup of just blast cards in Fire - Explosive Dwarf, Gremlin Blaster, Pyromancer, Fire Elemental <- FOUR BLASTERS -- 99 mana melee frenzy matches are eventually going to be Fire wins. The only disadvantage is when melee frenzy is paired with back to basics Or any back to basics pairings, really." ~@taintedblood

I'm so excited about the new rewards cards! I will have to try this card out myself with Selenia Sky. It looks awesome with a 5 range blast attack together with the Fire Demon's 5 range blast! I will see you all around in Splinterlands!

Splinterlands Discord HERE

Facebook>Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep


I don't do telegram but I did Facebook.... I definitely be sharing to all my ghost friends 🤣🤣🤣 keep up the great work.... "In Splinterlands We Trust"

Awesome! Thanks! I see that like, thank you! DEC has been sent to your steem-engine!

Thank you, but Your awesome, I'll share to all my family and friends too.....

Hi @clove71 liked the facebook page and more to come
thhankyou for such cOntests

Thanks!! A card has been sent to you!



Like and followed on on Facebook
Joined Telegram too

Awesome!! Thanks! I will go see you in there- an untamed pack has been sent to you!!

If you ever say anything in there in telegram make sure when you do to tag me or let me know- tag me you came in there from the FB -Discord- Telegram post here and I will send you a tip of DEC in Telegram!

I love the game..

Awesome, if you like our FB page- screenshot it and put in the comments for a mystery prize!!

The Telegram group is excellent, it is active at all hours.

Nice- it is great! If you like our FB page- screenshot it and put in the comments for a mystery prize!!
Cornealus (690px, 12fps).gif

Great, I just shared my entry to the art contest on the FB page

I sure do like the !monster Splinterlands facebook page. :)


Gold Dragon Animation
GIF created by @hatoto

I see you on FB! Thanks so much! Check your Splinterlands account for a card I just sent you!

Wow, thanks @clove71. :) Excited to put this Minotaur Warlord into action. Especially when he reflects some serious magic damage back into the face of a Ruler of the Seas or anothersuch rude magic attacker. :)



Sent you a card!

Here is the screenshot @clove71

Awesome! Thanks! I sent you some DEC!

Thanks... ☺

You banned me from the telegram group.

Hello, no, I did not ban anyone lately. I can ask the other Admins if you want me to but I do think I do remember your name in there. The past few days arguing a lot with everyone as you did not like the rewards system at all, even after the changes and were selling your cards and you quit the game, etc. I completely support other admins decisions on it as we have rules there like Discord does.

You tipped Mehmet 500 DEC for banning me. Did Mehmet get banned for calling me an idiot? No of course not. Try ban me here though. This is why we need places like Steemit. Freedom of Speech bitch!

Well hello to you, I asked for you yesterday- as I said I would check to see what happened- I did not tip him for kicking you out- I rip everyone all the time for helping out. He temporarily kicked you out to diffuse the situation you were causing in there-
Grapthar - Splinterlands Admin.
He’s unbanned
Tell him one of the admins just did a temporary kick to attempt to defuse the situation


Yes- I tip people all day long in there- I came in mid convo- I was not sure who he was talking about - but know Admins do not just ban or kick someone out for no reason at all. You just kept constantly trashing Splinterlands to the point of trying to get other son board with you. Also- I see you are a serious drugwars player - so we get this a lot where people want top trash the name of one game as they are with another. Like grapthar said you were temporarily banned. Good luck to you and drugwars. ....

Yeah because the new reward system is worse and it also stops new players from climbing the ranks. All this because older players want the value of their card to go up by limiting supply.

I don't play Drug Wars anymore. That went bad too.

Thanks for the unban but I won't be coming back to telegram. Mehmet is an anti free speech censorship asshole.

It’s both an honour and a privilege to be a part of this wonderful project. :)

Glad you are here- thanks for liking the FB page, lol! Sent you some DEC!

I've run out of TRX so I now have to figure out how to get some into that wallet. LOL.
This is why I prefer Steem. I don't need to worry about resource credits. :D
Thank you for everything.

I sent you 5TRX there in Telegram

Thank you very much. :)


Of couse I liked the page.

Great! Thanks for linking the FB page! I sent you a card!

I did not have that card lol.

thanks so much!

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If you have liked our FB page- please show us a screenshot of it with your name so I can see you have liked it- then I will send you a mystery prize!

Thanks for mentioning the FB page. Hope to do more for splinterlands

my name there is Deepa Venkitesh

Great! I see you and thanks so much! Some DEC has been sent to you in steem-engine!

Thanks for the mystery. I just liked the Splinterlands FB page and recommended to my both SM and Non-SM friends. :)

Great! Thank you! A card has been sent to you!

Thanks for the love!

Hi, I just liked FB Page. Here's proof.

Awesome! Thanks!! DEC has been sent to you!

Liked the page long ago, and here is the screenshot


Awesome, thanks for your support! DEC has been sent to you!

Hi, I joined the group and liked the Facebook page here is the ss. And Already dmed my all friends about this. I love this game I must support


A card has been sent!

I joined facebook page and discord server.

Also this link you gave in the post isnt correct. https://3speak.online/communities/Splinterlands

Hi there- I see, 3speak must have changed it- there is a Splinterlands community there with lots of videos. The address there is- https://3speak.online/c/hive-13323 DEC has been sent to you!

Congratulations @splinterlands!
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Hi @clove71
I have sent request on facebook and here's the snapshot. Please accept my request. Thanks

Great! Thanks! I sent you some DEC!

Excellent, the facebook page gradually gaining more followers, great ... I share a capture.

Awesome, thank you! I sent you some DEC!

It’s a good competition, but I can’t participate in it because it’s not convenient to design a post from a smartphone.

Splinterlands airdrop.PNG

I have liked the page and turned of see first notification menu.

A card has been sent to you!

@clove71 haven't received any.

Hi there- ok- I sent you some DEC!

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