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RE: My Second Splinterlands Max Card

in #spt2 years ago

Congrats on the maxed cards, @akomoajong!

Been waiting for an opportunity to try out if the beer bot still hands out beers. This seems to be the perfect time :0)



Thank you very much and sorry the beer was a disappointment. We can as well share some neoxag although it's lagging but it will definitely come through after some time.

!neoxag 20

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Damn,... the beer bot too???
We've already lost the misterengagement bot and the shade bot (both on the same token distribution system by holger80, which stopped working after HF21).

It' s a bit weird... i received a sip of !BEER only 5 hours ago... I should have enough tokens staked to hand out 6/day.

I still need to preload the neoxag bot. Will do so later.



I just got a beer from rentmoney now, probably a fault at your end.

Thanks for the tip. I think I should also top up with tipu. Should be fun tipping steem and steemengine tokens 😉

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I've been discussing it with a couple of people earlier today. I planned to get a post out about it, but then Shade and Engage stopped working.
I'd like for them to be back up before i do the post.

Oh, yeah... I forgot we had discussed that in the TP Discord server before, hahaha

Oh! Yeah, we had talked about that. Would be great to have all of them up and running

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I guess it's waiting until holger80 has time to fix the distribution bot.

Still no beer :0(
Guess i'll need to check in their Discord

Cool 👌

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Ouups! Faster than usual 😂

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