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What Is SplinterTalk?

Splintertalk is the social platform that was BUILT for Splinterlands players. For sharing Splinterlands content, you can earn rewards in the form of SPT tokens on the Splintertalk site!

SPT tokens can be traded or staked to increase Splintertalk Power, which allows you to reward the content of others!

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Tournaments in which giveaway prizes that have monetary value are being played daily. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.


The official Splintertalk site can be found at https://www.splintertalk.io/. As mentioned above, creating and curating content on the Splintertalk site will earn you cryptocurrency called SPT.

SPT can be sold, bought or traded on the Hive-Engine exchange. The image below will show the current SPT Market Depth on the Hive-Engine exchange.

The SPT tokens 24 hour volume is $18.06. The asking price is 0.0056 HIVE with the Bid price coming in at 0.004 HIVE.


What Is Hive-Engine?

Hive Engine is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Hive blockchain like never before.

$18.06 isn't allot of volume witihin 24 hours but SPT is still one of the more popular HIVE communities in which has its own site. The driving force of this token isn't just the tokens value or sales volume but the community itself.

If you were to browse topics on the HIVE Network it would be nearly impossible to not come across a topic that mentions Splinterlands. The majority of Splinterland posts that you will come accross on the HIVE Network are tagged SPT or come directly from the site Splintertalk and will earn the SPT token along with any HIVE rewards the topic generates.

Why Such A Low 24 Hour Volume/Price?

The answer to this one is simple. The only use case SPT has is its community in which use it to "Power Up" to give rewards to other Splintertalk users via upvoting content.

How Do We Add Value To SPT

(1) Give it a use case
(2) Give it a use case
(3) Did I mention, Give it a use case

It's a shame to see a cryptocurrency in which is named after the most popular game on the HIVE network having no use case within that game (Splinterlands). The SPT token has a devoted following who are patiently waiting for such a use case.

Of course is easy to say, "Give us a use case for SPT" so I'm not going to do just that. Instead I will give a couple examples on some use cases I think can be implemented.

First A Baby Step

Splinterlands Skins is one of Splinterlands most kept secrets. Not because they are hard to find, not because they cost too much but because they never get talked about enough. Currently they can only be purchased using DEC.

Lets add SPT as a second payment option for Skins. This gives SPT a small in game use case and will put the Splinterlands community behind advertising the Splinterlands Skins. A percentage of the SPT tokens earned from sales can possibly be used to help supplement the current Splinterland tournaments being played (More Tournaments --- Yes Please!).

SPT Cards

I think a whole SPT card set might be too much to ask for and likely not to happen but why not introduce some one off SPT promo cards? One card for each rarity would be enough. The only way to purchase these directly should be with SPT tokens.

What about those who have no interest in creating content for SPT tokens?? Simple, they can buy/trade for some SPT on the Hive-Engine exchange just like all us crypto maniacs do when we want a specific token/coin. Players will also be able to buy/trade using other currencies from the players who have already purchaed the cards using SPT.

Have the rarities and cards displayed on the official site with their SPT prices and a mention of Splintertalk. This will drive even more people to the Splintertalk site in which will advertise the game that is Splinterlands (I don't see a down side here).

None Use Case Suggestion

SPT holders have been discussing a use case for SPT since the SPT tokens creation but what else can be done to help this token succeed?

As first glance (to me) it looks like too much SPT is given out daily and too much is given out per topic. The less of something on the market the more valuable it usually is. There's many topics nearing 10,000 SPT of rewards, thats a ton of SPT tokens. I wouldn't suggest cutting back right away but it might be a good idea to do so before a use case is introduced.

Do you have a suggestions for a use case for SPT?? Lets hear your thoughts on the SPT token below in the comment section!


Right now, at least it serves the purpose of getting the posts that have more effort put into them in the trending page so those that visit splintertalk.io at least are presented with something decent enough. The actual value of the coin mostly comes from the speculation of a further use case which I'm quite sure will come making it now the zone of maximum opportunity for SPT imo.

I guess one of the questions that needs to be asked is if it would be best to give SPT a peg similar to DEC for in-game purchases or not and at what rate. This alone would give it an instant use-case for the game. There is just far from enough volume to accept it in the game as a regular currency based on the current price.

I like the idea to introduce skins and cosmetic items in the game that are also given out as part of the rewards and have no monetary value or extra benefits aside from making the look more diverse and personal for each user (similar to how Fortnite skins are a multi-billion dollar market).

I guess similar to all large SPT holders, I wouldn't mind for the inflation to be cut down or a heavy burn function to be implemented. Overall the values right now for the biggest paid posts in SPT are still rather low. a 10k SPT post payout which only comes down to 1.25$ (after curation rewards). If anything, it shows how cheap SPT is now. I'm almost fomoing myself into buying more :)



Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

  • code a bot. send a common card to anyone who transfers 5k spt to the bot. see where it goes from there, adjust prices / other offers later
  • host quick, non-official tournaments for 8 players with a gold foil common as prize, set an entry fee of 10k spt for every player
  • code a delegation bot that will delegate your idle cards for 1 week. delegate 1k collection power for every 1k spt transfered
  • code a lottery bot. send a rare card for 1 randomly chosen participant every 24 hours. anyone who sends 1k will be entered in the lottery for 7 days

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Nice ideas, I think the third one could possibly be a hit amoung players although the current cooldown rules could cause issues. I like how you list some ideas in which Holders of the token itself could implement.



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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

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I think there should be a way of burning the token to reduce it's number and increase it's value. The other use case would be to open a NFT store where the NFT sold for SPT only.

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I like both your ideas.

Some sort of token burn would be nice. As I noted to another poster, I might start a weekl topic that burns all the Authors share of SPT earned.

I think there is definitely an opportunity to to something game related, like art/cards or something else and then link into the WAX ecosystem, much like VFT does where you can buy WAX cards with your hive tokens

Nice ideas for SPT:

  1. Buy skins with SPT
  2. SPT Tournaments
  3. SPT Promo Cards
  4. Reduce inflation

I would push 1) even further and allow fanart skins that run entirely on SPT. Fanart support is actually coming soon although probably not as skins but rather as collectible NFTs.

And 4) might actually be counterproductive, considering how little depth there already is on the SPT market. Less inflation would reduce the supply even further and only benefit existing SPT holders but wouldn't help to decentralize the token further.

Manually curated by @flauwy

Monster Upvote SPT (Splintertalk.io)

Delegate SPT to @Monster-Curator with LeoDEX or Hive Engine and earn daily SPT payouts.

Fanart sounds interesting but could cause confusion if too many skins for the same card is introduced. I agree with point 4 possibly being counterproductive but I do feel eventually a cut in the daily awarded SPT needs to be considered. A gradual decrease would be better than decreasing it in one lump sum.

Thanks for all the hard work you do for the SPT token @flauwy & the @monster-curator crew!

I always thought that the plan was to use them in splinterlands for skins, potions, items that don't carry a real value but can add to the gaming experience.

I do like the idea of one off cards that can be bought with SPT if the released one every month or so it would drive demand or even auctioned a limited amount with for SPT to really make them desirable.

Skins, or digital items would be nice or even a monthly tournament that required SPT with a good prize at the end. Maybe a land plot or something valuable would have a lot of people buying to enter.

Any use case will drive the price very fast as people stock up to participate.

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Some land plots being sold for SPT would be great. It would put some SPT in the hands of the DEVS and some LAND in the hands of those who are constantly advertising the Splinterlands brand on blogs.

Any use case will drive the price very fast as people stock up to participate.

I agree, I see a ton of potential for SPT. Your monthly tournament Idea sounds great.

I'm happy to keep stacking all of the hive tokens. At some stage any of them could gain use case or value. SPT hasn't done anything yet but but i delegate it out and keep stacking for when it does.

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A big thumbs up for both those use cases. Skins especially should be pretty easy to implement.

I agree, hopefully the Splinterland devs do to!

Thank You, Im not a player of splinterland, I however took advantage of its extremely insanely low token value, if its a loss it was minimal, if its a gainer it would be an insane return. Im trying to figure out how the new splinterlands airdrop involves spt. It does I just don't understand yet, I also think that the buyers and sellers on the exchange are artificially holding down SPT value, if sellers were more like Leo sellers they wouldnt drop the for sale price to nothing after a nice rise, as long as some fool is selling spt at .0005 some other fool is buying. If Spt Holders buck up and quit selling for anything less than.01 we might have progress. It has been up since the airdrop. Nice post, Im glad Im not the only one who sees promise in spt splinter talk.

Holding Splinterlands assets awards points towards the airdrop. SPT has an airdrop points value of 0.25. The below link will take you to the section of the whitepaper that shows the points value of different Splinterlands assets.

I agree SPT USD value is insanely low making the upside of buying up a whales share very tempting. SPT has allot of tokens given out per topic. If you take a look at its front end, Splintertalk.io, the trending topics earn 10,000 + SPT. That's allot of token to be attaining per topic when the 24 hour sales volume of such a topic struggles to reach $10 USD. Too many tokens being given out and no use case leaves everyone holding a bunch of SPT that they have nothing to do with but sell for cheap. Hopefully an ongoing use case gets introduce at some point so those of use who have been holding and buying up the cheap SPT can enjoy the mooning.

If you could, I read the white paper if you have a chunk of SPT where or how do I claim the air drop, I have most of my SPT powered up. Not liquid, I think that makes a difference, I appreciate the help

The airdrop doesn't start until July/2021 and won't conclude until one year later. The airdropped token will get airdropped daily to users holding SPT and other Splinterland assets. To the best of my knowledge all SPT is included in the airdrop, this includes powered up SPT. Its very likely that SPS tokens simply get dropped into our Splinterlands accounts or Hive-Engine wallets without needing to be claimed.

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