Free Splinterland Beta Neutral Card + *200 DEC

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Beta Neutral Card + 200 DEC

No Upvote, Follow or Resteem required. Simply tag two Steemians who you think would like to win some FREE Crypto or a Steem-Monsters card.

How I Pick A Winner

I will assign each of you a number based on your comment entry. On the 7th day of this post creation I will use a random number generator to pick a number. If the random number generator picks the number assigned to you, I will send you The Beta Neutral card Grumpy Dwarf. The two Steemians you tagged will receive 50 DEC Each (Splinterlands in game currency). If the Steemians you tag stop by and make a comment I will double their winnings to 100 DEC each.

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Steem-Monsters is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Free Prize Money tournaments have started and thousands of dollars in Steem has already been given out. If you haven't checked out Steem-Monsters yet you can do so by clicking here(Use Your Steem Details To Sign In).

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Thanks for the upvote !

Nice rewards..
Tagging @nain and @ikrahch ...

@silversaver888 and @saffisara, Lets Win Some DEC

For my @stokjockey and @goldmatters

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I think @stokjockey and @enginewitty would like this 😉

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SM name:@blakkstorm
Tagging @hungryharish

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What about @itharagaian and @anosys ;)

@teutonium and @myfreebtc want some dec for sure!

Good luck everyone. I'll tag @cicisaja and @guurry123

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I think @gerber and @cadawg would like some SM stuff! 😁

@calprut & @masoom might interested.

Thanks for sharing. Tagging @pachu and @sashas

Tagging @gatolector @burlarj

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tagging @cicisaja and @scrooger for some free DEC 😊

Thanks.. @sparkesy43 alreadi tagged cici 😊

@aggamun and @bobokyaw want some dec. Yes please.

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Hey @rentmoney, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Wow so cool.
@nayhlaingsoe @mmunited

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I am in @minimining
Tag @chekohler

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Another activity . I like that.

Sneaky-Ninja-Throwing-Coin 125px.jpg
Defended (50.00%)
Summoned by @rentmoney
Sneaky Ninja supports @youarehope and @tarc with a percentage of all bids.
Everything You Need To Know About Sneaky Ninja


Hi, can u share ur personal experience with using bots, how much can we earn in terms of percentage, beacuse, 50% goes to the steem power which we can't withdraw or convert into steem. what is ur expericence?

If your goal is to profit from bid bots then that will take some trial and error with some luck mixed in. Steem Power can be powered down and thus turned into Steem. Personally I don't use bots nearly as much as I use to as my main focus has switched to Tribe Tokens and advertising my content on said sites.

If you don't know what tribe sites are, they're basically clones of Steemit that award alt coins. These coins can then be traded / sold on the Steem-Engine exchange.

Content creation rewards are split 50/50 (Author gets 50% of and upvoters get the other 50%) . Which makes it harder to profit from bots.

If you are using strictly for advertising purposes and less focused on earning a profit from them, they do work in the sense that they get more eyes on your content.

@rentmoney, I am in. Keep up the good work.

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Oh, I could use another Grumpy Dwarf card. Tagging @scrooger and @sm-trainer