Orbs, the undervalued and overlooked investment still available at Splinterlands.io

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Orbs... once they are gone, they will be gone for good!

By now everyone is aware that the beta packs are SOLD OUT. Sure you can still grab them from the market, but they are already more expensive than purchasing orbs. The only people left holding Beta probably bought them with the intention to HODL and sell to those suffering FOMO, and If Beta performs anything like Alpha, smart move on their behalf! Beta prices have already seen impressive growth. While hardly any orbs even hit the maket.
So what's left at Splinterlands? The undervalued Orbs

Alpha Packs

While Crypto prices across the board continue to drop, Alpha packs have defied the market, not only holding strong but as scarcity increases, people are willing to spend even more than they were before.

Alpha packs sold for $2 each. On the 27th of May 2018, Steem Monsters officially launched, and the price of steem was $2.53, meaning you could pick up an alpha pack for under one Steem.


As you can see above, the cheapest Alpha pack currently on the market is nearly 42 Steem, and sure steem prices have dropped that's why it's worth so much more, but if you look up top you will also see the USD value has also more than tripled.

If you believe in the Steem Blockchain, that is a solid ROI in Steem

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Beta Packs

Beta packs have been sold out for less than 24 hours and already packs are being purchased for more than 29% over of the original retail price... Crazy!


With orbs having a lower print and also a higher burn value, I expect the number of available orbs to start dropping quite rapidly now. I am starting to wonder if they will even go the distance...

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Orbs (Promo Packs)

While there is only one for now, orbs are currently cheaper to buy than Beta on the market. As fewer Orbs were printed, I think people are currently overlooking the potential of ROI on the Orbs, and while no Betas are available for purchase directly using DEC. I think we are about to see the number of available Orbs start to plummet. Remember Beta and alpha packs were also rewards at one point in time, Orb to my knowledge, were not.
Will the orbs be gone before Untamed even arrives?


How many orbs do you think will be left at the time of this post payout?

Closest guess will win 3 Steem Basic Income.

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greetings, @philippekiene

Excelent post,man!! I was think on it yesterday

I am making power down and about 1200 steem will be droped to my account on fryday

i will use it to buy orbs!!!!! And then, i will use another weeks of power down to rest steem to buy untamed packs :D

thank you and have a good night

I'm really hoping to use fiat.
While steem is so cheap I would rather be stockpiling that. 😉

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That's an excellent point. I had a similar thought yesterday. I agree that we likely see an increase in Orb sales thus hopefully an increase in the price of DEC.

I think it may take a week or two before the Orb buying starts to pick up so my guess is 125000 orbs left before post payout.

About 280 already gone in 12 hours!

Yeah, it was a horrible guess on my part lol

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😘 @carrieallen

Thank you @carrieallen!

I love it when I see a big beautiful Splinterlands gif appear on my post!

Imma guess that 123k on the dot will be left :D

I think it might be around that number... or even less, depends how many people read this post. 😉

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for you

Thank you, a !BEER for you also.

Hey @eii, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @philippekiene, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Good point of view

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Thank you!

Mmm delicious Orbs, especially nice when you using legendary potions! There's some decent cards in the Orbs, wold also suspect that they pickup while we wait for Untamed packs. Already 300 sold since you wrote this post.. with that math..

Guessing 123,128..

I think around 103111

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