Are you spending or saving your Dark Energy Crystals? (2 Steem Basic Income giveaway)

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Last season I bought another gold foil summoner

This is the third gold foil summoner I have purchased using my DEC rewards.

I've been trying hard to save my Dark Energy Crystals. The highest I have gotten so far was around 50'000, but then I saw @cryptoeater selling discounted beta packs... so I bought 25 packs for 51'250 DEC.

Since then I told myself, no more spending, save for when the "Untamed Series" gets released... or maybe, save and buy some orbs in bulk? I still need to contribute more to my guild also, and now that there are some new cards maybe I should be buying quest potions to try and get more of the newer cards... So many options.

Before the end of the season temptation had set in, I decided since my Alric Stormbringer is only level 3 which can really hold me back in gold and diamond league I should look at upgrading him, as summoners are only getting more expensive and who knows what abilities the new summoners will have.

Because my Alric is an Alpha, to upgrade him to level 4 would cost me around $10. So I decided to invest in Gold Foil Beta summoners instead. Buying two Gold foil summoners cost me around $15, and to make it easier I bought one each season... so much for saving, but I think it was a smart move.

My plan is to try and collect a few more gold summoners in the coming seasons. Hopefully, I can even win some DEC in some of the gold foil tournaments along the way, they are some juicy pots!

How are you spending your DEC, or are you saving yours?

Comment below for your chance to win two shares of Steem Basic Income, the winner will be chosen by random comment picker.

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Spend, send, spend.... A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the Bush!

Before tge introduction of bring able to spend DEC to buy cards, my summoners were all lv 3. I'm now slowly building them all up to lv5, where I'm hoping to be more competitive.

Yeah, I'm thinking that is the best Idea also especially after listening to @yabapmatt and @exyle. The price of DEC will be pretty constant with its safety nets either side.
Now is the time to be upgrading cards, I think I will focus on paying off my guild seat and leveling up before the card prices go up even more.

i been dumpin my $dec for $trx on and buying SmartRealEstate - my cards arent that great so i'm just using steemmonsters as a $trx miner LOL

Fair enough. So you found Splinterlands through the Tron seed germinator they did a while back I'm guessing?

i started playing during alpha then found the germinator on steem - i dumped in something like 2500 $trx for the germinator - 23 seasons and counting ;)

I started playing recently, so I'm using it to get new cards and improve my chances of winning.

Not a bad Idea 😉

I usually spend it buying cards to improve my collection little by little, I contribute to my guild and it has also got me out of some trouble by changing them in Steem-Engine.

I don't think I have exchanged any DEC. So far all my DEC has gone back into the game, or buying more cards.

That's also my primary intention, but sometimes there are needs to be addressed in some way.

I do the same as you, I buy gold cards in the market, I don't know if it's the best thing, but I love gold cards.

My dec goes into buying summoner / packs.

Also 500 DEC every week goes towards my guild.

I'm saving them not knowing what is the best thing I can do with them. I have some 22k saved already.
Should I buy summoners with them ?

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Spending and spending...

I am spending mine on cards. And potions. I can't seem to save it up unless I sell a card for a lot of dec.


Command accepted!

Hey @philippekiene, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I'm saving my DEC until I have enough for the 100% potions then I use them on beta packs openings. so far, it's not working out well. One lot of >100 I had fewer golds and legendaries than I would have had if I'd had no potions at all. So I've stopped using them for now.

I’m always spending my DEC on new cards to level up.. I want to reach Diamond eventually but it will take many more upgrades and cash

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Well, I bought weird cards that I don't have so I think that DEC will be returned when I use those cards.

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I am also spending my dec because I need to build my decks to lvl 4.

Saving it for now. Curious as to what new summoners or Orb-like options might be coming with the Untamed

@philippekiene, I am Full Time Steemian so at this moment i am Selling my DEC for liquid Steem. Stay blessed.

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