Analysis of Wind of Change (Part I).

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Welcome dear readers to this analysis article of the Splinterlands expansion set "WoC".

It's been a while since the last analysis of the reward cards and the metagame has evolved since then but I'm more confident now to write about this set since I've invested some time playing the cards and recognizing their best use cases.

I've divided the article in order to explain with calm the cards and the best formats to use them, I will start with White and Black splinters. Here are the cards of this interesting set:


Melee stats.jpg

One of my favourite cards of all sets and probably one of the best common cards out there, maxed can be very dangerous but this guy doesn't need to be maxed to give problems to the rivals. Especially useful in Up close and personal, Earthquake and Super sneak. Great card combined with the Defender of truth.

An awesome adition to white that is making much more competitive to this splinter in low mana battles. I know that this card is now expensive but better invest in him now than later because I have very bullish intuition about this card.

Silvershield bard.jpg

Melee stats.jpg

Another cheap card in terms of mana and very useful also, unlike the Armorsmith requires a lvl 5 in the card to be really interesting although is useful against monsters with poison when is in lower levels. Is also very useful in Up close and Personal where this card really shines because it's the only card that can help your tank with his ability to remove the negative effects from it.

Undead archer.jpg

ranged stats.jpg

This card might seem rubbish but don't let this little monster fools you, indeed he is our best choice against many teams with double healers out there, and if he has lvl 5 or more is also very useful against tanks like the Silvershield Knight or the Spineback turtle. This card is almost a must have in black nowadays, without him is very hard to beat Green teams, especially useful in formats like Keep your distance where we need to take that Lord A out.

Corrupted pegasus.jpg

Melee stats.jpg

This was a very needed card in black lately as every team has it's own healers except Red, and Black hadn't until now this kind of monsters. The problem is that he isn't cheap in terms of mana nor in economic terms so it will be very valued but not used with ease. Anyways is a must have in this splinter so if you can afford it I suggest to buy it soon. Later on will be impossible, believe me when I say that this will be possibly the most expensive legendary out there.

Is an awesome card especially in Up, close and personal where is the only healer in this format because is the only with melee attack. Combined with the Lord of darkness can be a real pain in the ass.

I hope you've enjoyed this analysis, next time I'll talk about the Blue and Green cards of WoC, see you then. Cheers.