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It has been a while since I had an update on my Collection for Splinterlands so I thought the latest Air Drop would provide a good opportunity. The game continues to evolve quickly as a number of new Reward Edition cards continue to roll out. We have also seen the move to making these cards harder to get as the development teams seeks to add Collections size to the ability to get them. No real impact to me as my Collection continues to grow as I have yet to sell one card from my Collection.

I remain in the accumulation phase as the growth of the player base encourages me to invest into the game. In fact, since my last thought process, I have been able to continue to accumulate Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as the prices fell to ensure a good cushion of resources for some of the future developments like land sales. I have also pulled the trigger to have some participation in the coveted equity of the business behind it. Despite the volatility among some of the older and larger players, I continue to enjoy the development and the metrics the way they are headed.

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I was surprised that the latest leg of 100k packs of Untamed were sold so quickly given the issues of card prices we had recently seen. It probably took me a couple of days to realize that the Air Drop had occurred so I was excited to see my results based on my almost 2,800 packs that were eligible. It somewhat makes sense that the packs have been sold quickly as the DEC prices have given them a substantial discount to the face value of the packs currently sold.

AirDrop Results.png

Despite some prior luck, I was unable to get enough air dropped to max out the card for my Collection. However, I was lucky enough to get a Gold Foil which I think balances out the results of the Air Drop. This means I will have to go to the marketplaces available and try to buy some additional copies to max out my card. It will be tough as I only have DEC to use for buying cards which I have been holding for the long term. I may look to makes some trades but I have been less successful trading as it is tough to get aligned with other players and despite me offering packs for trade, I rarely get any interest for them. I have been trying to get a Mighty Dricken for months now in exchange for Untamed Packs but no takers yet.

I am now getting really excited for the next Air Drop as it has the potential to be my own card. As part of the Untamed Kickstarter, I got into one of the high tiers so I could design a Legendary Summoner. What is exciting is that my daughter designed it so no spoilers but it will be different than what we have seen. I am so grateful to the development team as they took the idea and accepted it although I imagine they will need to give an appropriate spin for it to fit in the Splinterlands universe. Looking forward to seeing how it all develops!

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I ended up buying this guy last night with DEC. I wanted to start boosting up my summonors.

I have to do the same! With the new Dice cards coming out soon, I have to see how much I have left over to max out!

Sounds like great progress. What kind of card have you designed?

You should post yer invesment posts in leofinance!

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It is the new Legendary Summoner for the Earth Splinter! It is a unique character so will leave it up to the developers and artist to see how it comes out; my daughter even made the concept art! Excited to see it in game soon!

I try to post most investment related things on LEO but feel that some of the Splinterlands are borderline... Thanks!

Oh you got a good one to design!

Assuming it's next in line it won't be long until it's out.

Then it's just a matter of giving it a month for the prices to settle and time to start buying in!

Nice to get the gold foil. That makes it all worthwhile.

Absolutely agree! I don't feel bad about having to go and buy the others eventually!