Splinterlands Vs Sim City (Weekly Social Media Challenge)

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Now that I am stuck in my house working in my room I have some time to look back at some of the PC games I still have archived on my desktop. Last week I review Command and Conquer and this week another classic Sim City! For those who do not know Sim City is a computer simulation game for building a city that functions on its own and grows as time progresses. Player's objective is to make a self sufficient city over time.

Simulated City

The Sim City version I have playing about a couple of decades ago is Sim City 2000. The goal is to build an urban city with a functioning supply system, banking system, transportation system, residential and commercial buildings, hospitals and recreational facilities. Basically building an urban city. All while controlling human population, economic stability, and balance trade. Pretty much when playing the game is like playing god! I spend days playing the game and remember when I had my computer on 24/7 to grow my city. I remember my mother yelling at me when I blow up the electricity bill for running my computer 24/7 for 3 months. I basically slow my play time in the game from there on. Building and saving to create the greatest city I could make is of interest to me. I like collecting and building. Sim City was a prefect game to suite my hobbies.

Similarities With Splinterlands

Both Sim City and Splinterlands have a similar theme where in each game players get to build and save assets and grow their wealth. In Sim City it is building refineries to produce and mine resources to sustain the city that can grow on its own. In Splinterlands it is battling and earning rewards that can be traded for cards to build up one's card deck. I love collecting things and playing Splinterlands incentives by allowing me to earn cryptocurrency.

Differences With Splinterlands

The drawback with Sim City is that it is a single person simulation/strategy game. I mostly play against time with Sim City. While in Splinterlands it is player versus player. Furthermore there is no interactions with other real people when playing Sim City. I basically communicate with the computer program. Any success I have in Sim City would only be known to me unless I flaunt it in front of someone :p On the other hand in Splinterlands all the success and rating I earn in the game can be found by anyone as it is tracked on Steem's blockchain. The flexibility and ease to find my ranking, how many cards and which cards I own can be found performed by anyone who is curious to know.

Which is my favorite?

I have not played Sim City for years now since I moved away from desktop computers and on to notebooks and mobile phone. Although there is a mobile app of the game I have played it and it does not have the same feel as the PC version. Yet I have good memories of the game and remember days where I literally spent 18+ hours straight playing. I have yet to play that long straight out with Splinterlands, but I have spent countless hours on it. I am entrenched in Splinterlands as it has become a daily routine for me to complete quests and earn reward cards/DEC tokens. So it should be obvious by now where my favoritism lies. Now I am off to playing a few more Splinterland battles ;)

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!


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Ah yes, Sim City...
I actually laughed out loud when you said a 'couple of decades ago'. Who's old? We're old. 🤣 I would just like to know WHEN that happened...

Anywho... Yeah, it would be hard to play Splinterlands for 24 hours straight... only because your DEC capture rate would suffer, so there's an incentive to stop to eat and stuff.