My entry for Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 60 // Digital painting of Mushroom Seer

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mushroom seer.jpg

This is my entry for splinterlands art contest this week from @steemmonsters. I painted Mushroom seer, a reward edition monster from earth splinter.
This is one of my favorite cards to play with. It's okay to play with level 1 but since it's not very expensive, i have upgraded the card to level 5. This is highest of level that i can use i think.
Now my card has two magic attacks with 4 lives and 3 speed points. It has silencing and poisoning ability which are really handy. Specially the silencing ability.

At the end i decided to add some magic to the painting. Normally the monster have two magic attack which has a purple(ish) color and i gave a green colored power to the other hand. That represents the poisoning ability.
I tried to make it look like as though the seer generates the magic from its body through the nails and gathers them in a single orb thingy before using.
I don't know if that actually make sense.
The background was a disaster by the way.

I used my computer, photoshop cc 2018 and wacom intuos small graphic tablet to paint this. I recorded the entire process of the painting but the video is long and its size is more than 2gb.
So that needs editing.

For now i have taken some screenshots from the video and i will be showing them.
Once i am done editing the video to a reduced duration and size i will upload it on 3speak probably.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot (1048).png

Screenshot (1049).pngScreenshot (1050).pngScreenshot (1051).pngScreenshot (1052).pngScreenshot (1053).pngScreenshot (1054).pngScreenshot (1055).pngScreenshot (1056).pngScreenshot (1060).pngScreenshot (1061).pngScreenshot (1063).pngScreenshot (1064).pngScreenshot (1066).pngScreenshot (1067).pngScreenshot (1069).pngScreenshot (1070).png

mushroom seer.jpg
Read about the contest Here
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Very beautiful 😍

thank you

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thank you

I love this mushroom because it has its magic attack.
Good vibes!

thanks. me too... i often use it when using earth

Nicely done.


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this feels good. thanks

nicely done!

thank you