Potions and my first Legendary Gold!

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I started to open my UNTAMED packs, I am opening them very slowly, it seems that this way I am luckier than opening all at once.

And I finally got my first Legendary Gold card. Very Cool. It's the first time in my life that I'm lucky. I am very happy!

Screenshot_2019-11-30 Splinterddsslands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

It may be that the potions I got from Kickstarter helped because I had never used potions before.

Now I have changed my mind and I will always use the potions to open packs and orbs!

And you? Tell me which cool UNTAMED cards you have already obtained...

Image: @steemmonsters

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Sweet gold legendary. It’s a good feeling pulling one of those. Parabens.

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Thanks !!

Oh #jealous that card looks so cool! The graphics but name as well.. the gold suits him well. Congrats on opening the GFL :)

Although I've opened 3 GFL in the orb collection (I even opened the first GFL from that new collection lo) I have found a few regular legendaries only in the Untamed packs. But for the amount I've bought, I cant complain at all.. but of course hoping to find a GFL soon ;)

Thank you. I wish you luck ! Well, it's a lottery and some people are too lucky, as a friend that in 500 UNTAMED packs, received 10 GFL!


i've never had the luck to get a golden legendary card but i believe that this will change soon

Thanks. This was my first, good luck to you!

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Holy moly! That is one stupendous draw! Congrats!

Thanks !

Yup. It's always best to have full potion power. Now you can buy 2,500 charges of the brilliant potions and get 375 free charges (which is more than HALF of the (bonus) charge of the original 500 charges potions. I am going to do those, because those extra 375 charges are very valuable if you hit some/any major cards...

Hi, @transcript-junky, I also did this to open the remaining packs, but it seemed to me that the potions I received on Kickstarter were working much better! LOL Thanks for commenting.

Hi. My theory (from actual experience hitting several "super cards" now, primarily BECAUSE of having consistent full potion power) is that if you hit JUST ONE "super card" - like the Corrupted Pegasys (Gold - Level 2 - $175 USD!) the potions ultimately end up paying for themselves - especially when you hit "gold" and/or "promo" (like the Corrupted Pegasys" (which pays out an ADDITION 20% DEC bonus (10% for "Gold") plus 10% for "promo" (Orbs)) per won battle. If you just do the simple math it is actually BETTER to have full potion power, IF you can afford it. I have followed you, because I'm starting to follow anyone who's putting out interesting #SteemMonsters related posts... Keep it up...

Screenshot (1293).png

congrats on the legendary gold ;)


very nice !

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good work !

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great job !

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Thanks !

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