My UNTAMED cards in practice – Introduction

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So far I have used very few UNTAMED cards. The reason is that my UNTAMEDs are still at a level far below my main cards, and it is difficult to find the right occasions to insert them into the fight.

Soon I plan to buy more UNTAMED packs to gradually balance this discrepancy and be able to start using them more often.

In the meantime, I have been able to fight with some success using my Betas, but in many battles, I realize that I could be more efficient if I took advantage of the new features that UNTAMED provides.

On the plus side, I am getting gradually knowing about the new cards, and as I add them to my battles, I want to write about how this experience is going on in practice.

There are a few I've been using on many occasions, and even though they're not at very high levels, they're being extremely helpful.

So I plan to start a series of posts starting today, analyzing some notable or interesting battles, in which I successfully introduced one of these new cards and trying to explain in what sense he was decisive in the fight.

I hope you enjoy it and the content is useful and interesting. See you tomorrow.

Images : @splinterlands


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Same. I don't have any that are really powerful enough yet, and I don't really know which ones I want to level up just yet, either. It'll probably take me a while to figure it out! I'll probably learn just by seeing which cards I can't seem to beat and go from there.

It's hard to wait to buy more packs, because I think I can only do this in January :(

 9 months ago 

I'm just saving my pennies to get my vigilator right up there. Almost level 3. He and the Archmage are going to have some fun together :)

I'm looking forward to matching these UNTAMED cards, I've played against opponents with maximized cards, and I've been beaten. grrrrr

great job !

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very nice !

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good work !

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Thanks !

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congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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