I was lucky again! and other considerations...

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I still had a good amount of UNTAMED packs to open, but my alchemy and legendary potions were gone and I was hoping to raise some money to buy some more before I continued to open them.

In this second wave, I got lucky again and found another Legendary Gold Foil, this time a Dark Ha`On from Death splint!

Screeneweshot_2019-12-04 Splds - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

After opening all the remaining packs, I started combining the cards, but for now, I have not used much of UNTAMED cards in battle as they are not on the same level with my other cards and this is a problem.

Now I'm wondering if it is best to buy more packs or start going straight to the market to pick up those cards I want.

I already did this and invested in a card that I liked and that brings a new ability in Water splint: the Tortisian Fighter that can Repair at level 8.

Screenshot_2019-12-05 Splintewewwerlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

I thought they were cheap so I bought 14 cards left for me to take it to level 8.

The tip was @flauwy in the yesterday post: The Tortisian Fighter - Repair Ability For The Water Splinter

The problem is that the UNTAMED market does not yet seem to be stabilized and it is difficult to know what is expensive and what is not.

So what do you think? Do I buy more packs or hope to go to the market?

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greetings, dear @marianaemilia

congratulations for this golden foil card!!!!! To me , Dar Ha'on is the best card of all game, not just Untamed

thank you and have nice day!

It really looks like a very good card! Thank you

Wow a golden Dark Ha`On I think I'm jealous now 🤪
You will have so much fun of that card (if you play with the death team actually?)

Yes, I will definitely use and have a great time with the card, I have the death splint on another account.

I'm just a little slow to start putting the new strategies into practice.

For now I have invested in the Tortisian Fighter card to put it at level 8 where it acquires Repair ability for the Water deck, but I haven't had many opportunities to use it yet.

The others I have used the most is the Serpentine Spy in the Fire splint, I have won a lot with him, plus Kobold Miner + Even, wreaking havoc on the enemy back lines.

And another I loved was the new Earth sniper: Child of the Forest.

@guchtere, your posts are great, please write more about Splinterlands!

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I've also noticed the fluctuation in the market. Honestly, it's hard to say where it will land. This being the 3rd set of cards and the first set that aren't combinable with ones before it.

And... I do like opening packs... something about it is thrilling. 😎

@carrieallen, Yes, opening packs is great fun! Better do both and spend more $ LOL. Kisses and thanks.

Oh got to show post some battles of that Dar Ha'on. Congrats.

Thanks, I'm not using it yet, I need to organize my thoughts LOL

For me, I think its still to buy packs and keep levelling up the cards even when I don't hit high valued cards.

But also if you find a card you're fond of, you can just buy it and level up to achieve the satisfaction you desire when using it.

It seems you've got lucky fingers, lets see what you open next :)

I have my doubts if it pays to buy packs, but it's fun to open them, so I end up buying ...

Yeah ! I hope my luck continues! Thanks

congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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very nice !

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good work !

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great job !

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