Brief review of my best Splinterlands tournament!

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And again I broke my financial prize record in a tournament. This time I was ninth in the UNTAMED Crowdfund Closing Celebration, and I received 25.000 DECs!


I was very close to passing yet another round and reaching 45.000 DECs. I lost the last duel 2-1 and took the opportunity to take a lesson from this defeat:

In the last match I suffered a total massacre, which you can watch at the link:

@marianaemilia versus @th12-svj

I knew that one of the best options would be to use a Dragon Summoner because with the Earthquake Rule it is possible to add several dragon cards that have the "Fly" ability.

(In earthquakes all creatures that do not have the ability to fly suffer damage from the shake each round)

Screenshot_2019-11-10 Splintexzxzxrlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

So I chose Selenia Sky and the first idea that came to me was to combine Dragon with Earth so that I could use the powerful Spirit of the Forest as well.

However the rule of this battle also said; No Healing, no card could draw on its healing ability. And the Spirit of the Forest is a creature that has this ability.

This detail made me discard this option, and it was certainly a mistake, because even without the "Healing" the Spirit of the Forest is still extremely powerful as it is unaffected by the earthquake, has high Life and "Snipe" ability.

Realize that this was exactly my most experienced opponent's choice, and his Spirit of the Forest easily eliminated my ranged attack cards due to his Snipe ability (attacks the first non-melee creature in the opponent formation)

Screenshot_2019-11-13 Splinterlsdsdsands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

I put the Water Splint on, perhaps trusting on the devastating magic attack from Ruler of the Seas.

But Water in this case was not a good choice because they are low armor cards, vulnerable to arrows and the earthquake itself, falling like flies, victims of the lethal Spirit of the Forest.

Another important detail that went unnoticed was regarding the use of Harpy.

Harpy is a very strong card, but only as long as it has the Opportunity ability, especially for the Earthquake rule, precisely because after the first turn, the cards lose their armor and so Harpy has a great chance of killing the monsters with the least hit points.

Unfortunately for me, this tournament was a Silver League tournament, and at this level the Harpy does not yet have its strongest ability. Without Opportunity is much less effective, so in this case it was not a good choice either.

Screenshot_2019-11-10 Splinterlcxcxcands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

To make matters worse, I fumbled: I realized that my time to lay out the fight cards was almost over.

I was very undecided precisely because I didn't know how to handle the Dragon Splint Summoner yet.

The fact that you can combine dragon cards with other splints greatly increases the range of possibilities and everything becomes more complex.

That is why that Centaur in the end was not exactly a choice, but a card that I introduced almost randomly, within a few seconds on the end of my available time.

Screenshot_2019-11-07 Splinterlvcvcvcands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Even so I was very happy. Given that I started a few months ago, I realize that I am evolving and playing better every day. Ninth in a tournament with almost 600 participants can certainly be considered an excellent result!

Images: @steemmonsters

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very nice !

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Parabéns pelo belo resultado! Ainda não participei de nenhum torneio, às vezes perco o horário rsrsrs... Suas dicas estão me fazendo ter vontade de entrar em um. Valeu!


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Thanks !

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excellent work ! sucess

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good work !

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