My daily steemmonsters report #102

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Hello warriors of splinterlands.

Welcome to my daily splinterlands post #102.

In here, we talk about splinterlands, mainnly my of daily quests, tournaments and exciting decks, gameplays and news.

My Current status:

  • Well, it's been a good day as it was the last day of this season and I have successfully reached Champion III !

  • DEC meter is at 66% currently. It dropped down a lot as I lose so many matches reaching there.

  • I have also completed the current quest.

  • Recently I have bought 11 mystery potions. Today was the first mystery gift, and I got 1 brilliant quest potion. I used that potion while opening the reward cards today. Let's check what I have got.


Daily Quest rewards

  • Today, It is a water quest.





Heron quest cards!



Neoxian guild status

We are doing really great. We are holding 6th position, and we are a max levelled guild.

We have finally reached the max level.

Total 118 quest remains to reach the next quest - level 10. We are getting +15% DEC for every ranked match win and +8% dec shop bonus currently.

Now we have to upgrade our quest guild so that we can move to the next tier.

Alright guys! See you in my next post!

Until then, keep fighting friends....




Very interesting post, good job keep it up

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