Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 19 Report

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Battle for Diamond - Day 19.jpg

I hit Diamond League on the last day of the season

After ending my Daily Quest yesterday, I was at Gold I, I felt I could give the Diamond League a try. Before going to bed I decided do some battles and see where it leads to, I got to 2783 points and felt I just needed one more battle before hitting the jackpot but some tough guy knocked me off my feet. Before I knew what was happening I found myself edging towards the God II league, I fought back and got all the way to 2784, just 16 point to diamond league and again some kick ass guy killed my vibes and I found myself below 2700. What a drag. I just went to bed before I see myself in the Gold II league. Lol

Day 19 Diamond 1II League Reached.jpg

Diamond league

This morning I decided to give it a go again, I battled all the way to 2792, just 8 points from the Diamond league. I stopped and thought really hard whether to do one more battle which will definitely send me to the Diamond league or just leave everything as it is. I had tried twice with just one battle to do but failed. So this time I really needed time to concede. Lol. I finally to the decision to do one more battle, I needed that 8 points to hit my target, I had to be cool and calm so that I don’t make any mistakes. Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!! That is how we give 3 gun salutes where I come from. Lol. I won the battle and got not 8 but 28 point to reach the Diamond league.

Day 19 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

My efforts to enter the Diamond League paid off in the morning and I felt good about it. That is 40 cards in the bag tomorrow. I’ll like to thank the guys that kept whipping my ass, you made me learn more strategy. I’ll like to thank those that always abandoned the battle, you gave me a lot of relieve and bonus points. Lol. I’ll also like to thank the guys I was whipping their behind, you guys made me feel good about myself and I wish to see more of you. Lol.

Day 19 Daily Quest Battle - won 7 of 18.jpg

Won 7 of the 18 battles

I got the Earth Splinter today and I already knew it wasn’t going to be easy because I already knew that most of the guys I’ll be meeting have got all the cards leveled up and their Summoners were also up there. I tried my best based of the cards I’ve got but sometimes you just need that extra fire power to cause more damage to your enemy and deal them that final blow. There was a situation I even selected exactly the same Summoner and Monster with the enemy team but leveling failed me as the opponent team had that extra to make it an extraordinary battle in favor of my opponent. I won 7 of the 18 battles I fought to complete my daily quest and I can’t tell you what a relief it was. Lol. Life goes on man.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 19.jpg

Rewards day 19

I got a Gold card, a Legendary card, two Rare cards and other common cards. These are all great cards to end the season with and I can’t wait to see what my end of season cards will look like, I really hope they turn out to be great as I have seen in the last two days, more Gold and Legendary cards. Lol.

Legendary Ruler of the seas - Day 19.jpg

Value of The Ruler of The Seas

Gold Sea Genie  - Day 19.jpg

Value of Sea Genie Gold Card

You can watch my last quest battle today by clicking the link below, thanks.

Battle of the day 19.jpg

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Damn. Congratz on Diamond :D

Thanks a lot my G. I do hope you can hit Gold before the season ends?

Naah. I wrote the comment at night, so no time left :D
I am fine with Silver for now