Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 18 Report

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Mystery Potion Reward - 18.jpg
Mystery Potion Orb Reward on day 4

I bought the Mystery Potion four days ago and for 4 days I haven’t received anything worth celebrating, so I wasn’t that trilled when I saw the notice that I have received a Mystery gift. I opened it and voila! It was and Orb and when I opened it, boom! It had a gold card among the five cards that I got.

Mystery Potion Reward - Undead Archer - 18.jpg
Value of the Undead Archer Gold Card

I have been receiving different Archer guys that are worth about $0.02 but this is the first time I am happy, no, very happy to get one and that is because it is a Gold one. Lol. The Undead Archer Gold Card I got is worth $5.50.

Day 18 Daily Quest Battle.jpg
Daily Quest battles

I am trying to see if I can steal a dying minute entry into the Diamond league yesterday but I kept getting caught by some guy and ladies of course that are hell bent on keeping me in the Gold league. Lol. So, today I didn’t try to make any attempt before doing my Quest battle, I just stock with the daily quest.

Day 18 Daily Quest Battle - won 5 of 7.jpg
Won 5 of the 7 battles

I got the Life Splinter today, I didn’t want to be too confident about my chances, I just wanted to keep a straight face and concentrate on the battles with the hope of not making too many mistakes. I must say this is the easiest daily quest I have had to overcome. I had only to do 7 battles of which I hit 5 wins, I had 4 straight wins until the fifth battle came up and Life Splinter wasn’t one of the options for selection. Boo hoo! My winning streak was cut short and it got worse when the next battle options again didn’t bring up the Life option. I got kicked in my behind again. Lol. Final, I got my day, Life battle it was and I hit it big time to complete my daily quest.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 18.jpg
Rewards day 18

I didn’t get a Gold card but I got three rare cards and two of them came in twos. I think the cards are worth close to a dollar. Combining all the cards I got today shows I got close to $7, which is truly great.

You can watch my last quest battle today by clicking the link below, thanks.

Battle of the day 18.jpg

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