The Lost City // Official Music for Splinterlands

in hive-13323 •  3 months ago 

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This is an ambient soundscape for a "Lost City".
I've had so much tension over the last week from the Steem/Tron debacle ... I'm pretty sure it comes through in this piece.
This is one of those compositions that sounds so much different/better in headphones than it does through speakers ... but as always it is just a rough mix that will eventually be professionally mixed by @harrisonmir.

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Your music is so deep and misterous, I felt lost in the City.😂

lol yay thank you!

very good. as i was listening to it, i kept thinking of Blade Runner for some reason

Thank you!



Another amazing Splinterlands song. This is a very deep and intense song, I love it! You are such a talented Musician!