Splinterlands Kickstarter and Untamed Banners for the Community!

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The Splinterlands UNTAMED Kickstarter only has 13 days left!

The Splinterlands Kickstarter offers digital as well as physical items: stickers, shirts, encyclopedia, printed decks, and the new edition - UNTAMED!

I'm pretty excited about the lore book that @carrieallen, @chrisroberts, and @zipporah created.
It's a 200-page encyclopedia/campaign guidebook detailing life in the Splinterlands ... and it's amazing.

Check out the Splinterlands Kickstarter!

Untamed Banners!

Aggroed asked me to make a banner the other night.
My cats told me to make 6.
So here they are ... feel free to use them!

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I’m likin’ dem’ banners 😋

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Help me get @steemmonsters on EOS built by the community just like aggroed built steem monsters, but this time we pay some local steem artists like of @egleko or @web-gnar quality level some actual decent payment to create Gods Unchained or Better and I DO NOT SEE why Gods Unchained has to be some holy achievable art standard, nah we can do that


We can make a new version of steem monsters on eos using all teh same steem engine tokens as eos tokens fuck dude its perfect @aggroed can do EOS-EX from @someguy123 on essence orbs and DEC boom, thats it, we then put alpha and beta packs on eos-ex and newdex list all of them for free cuz newdex will LOVE THIS so much trading volume for a DECENTRALZIED game alreayd on steem tron and newdex has eos and tron (soon steem if i can get steem on scatter)


Yay thanks Stackin!

Those are dope looking

Thanks Wes!

Here’s a free 100% vote from the @contestkings community have a great day!

Thank you!!!

wow all the desing looks amazing.

Verry good the project friends. Come on go to up steem


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That's right you did! Thanks for making so many (I suppose the real thanks should be towards the cats...) AND for sharing them with the community. Hawt. 😘@carrieallen

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