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RE: My reward last season on Splinterlands

in #spt8 months ago

Hey my dude, I have been able to make it to Silver 3, with a starter deck on two different accounts. With that in mind I wonder if you might need some tips on how best to win.

I guess I have acquired a few, very cheap, cards that make a difference.

One card that helps a lot is "Unicorn Mustang", and a healer to help him out. For like $0.20 cents you could buy a unicorn and a healer (Wood Nyphm), and you will win a lot more games.

If you're interested I could give some more tips on how I win, and what cards exactly I use. But again I have two starter deck accounts and Ive been making it into silver without much.


Yeah, you are right. I've also been making it to Silver III League, I just don't play much games as usual