How The 'Thai Fighters' Are Grinding Dark Energy Crystals With Our Gold League Deck

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The next phase of the 575 Booster Pack experiment has come: Now that the deck is all ready to go and is up in the Diamond League, it was time to hand it over to some other player, who is playing instead of us. The amazing delegation feature for cards allows for secure leases of cards to other accounts, which we had done from day one. The dedicated @crystal-grinder account was created to become the new host for playing our deck, while the actual cards are securely on @flipdabiskit.

All we had to do now was handing over the posting and active key of the playing account @crystal-grinder to @tcpolymath's automated service @herons-unlimited. This is an amazing bot, that automatically sends all reward cards from the daily quests and the season rewards to the @ottermaker service, (which is also from @tcpolymath) who sends 101% of the DEC value of the cards back to the owner and the player. The owner can set the percentage of how all rewards are split - we chose 50/50, sharing all earnings equally with the player(s).

This whole process was super easy and with our already dedicated account a matter of seconds. It felt right to hand over the keys, as we still own the Master Password and can always change the keys and there are no further assets on that account which could be transferred out. You can also get an account from @herons-unlimited to delegate your cards to, if you prefer. The advantage of that strategy is, that you can always change the keys, to hand over the account to another player, without creating cooldowns for your cards or any extra work for the owner.

Learn more about Herons-Unlimited and how to set up your first deck.

Now, as we didn't have a player for our deck, @tcpolymath was handing it over to @xtrimmer, who rotates the deck all day long with several other players in his team. While he works from America, the rest of his team works from Thailand. They have several accounts that they are rotating through and play each of them every half an hour. Hence, they have earned themselves the title T(h)ai Fighters, in reference to their nationality and the famous Star Wars space ships.


The result of the first half day was impressive: they indeed played around the clock so far and solved the first daily quest - which turned out to be a rare gold foil Crystal Werewolf. Fitting for the @crystal-grinder account and the very first gold foil for that deck as well. This lead to the best income day we have had so far with the account. Obviously, this will not be the case every day, as this was a lucky pull. But nice start, wasn't it?


Whether playing every 30 minutes is ideal or not might be debatable but the consistency of the team might actually end up earning us more than by playing ourselves, even after the share. But that is nothing we are counting on, as the most important aspect of this experiment is a passive income with our investment and to leave the fun but time consuming grind to others, who get the chance to play Splinterlands and earn money, without any own investment.

Thank you and good luck, Thai Fighters.

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Yay, @crystal-grinder pulled Crystal Werewolf :)

It is fascinating how a way of playing SteemMonsters is evolving and how many there are different scenarios:

  • someone plays one account
  • someone plays several accounts
  • one account is used by several players
  • someone plays rented account
  • someone plays Heron account
  • team of people plays a lot of accounts
  • account played by car

And this is just the beginning, much more will appear :)

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